Tis’ the season.  I would like to take this time to wish a very very Merry Christmas to all of you from all of us at Pierson Ford in Aberdeen, SD.


Wouldn’t it be great to surprise your favorite person with a new Ford Explorer with a RED BOW ON IT?  How about a new Ford F-150?  We can make that happen!! 

All of us at Pierson Ford hope that this Christmas season will be a blessing for you, and that you are with family and friends for this great time of year.  And may you know the true meaning of what Christmas is all about!!




This one actually made me laugh out loud!  HILARIOUS!!


And, here may be the reason that some kids are afraid of Santa!!


The older you get, the more simple the gifts need to be!!


Yep, I bet this guy made some great steaks.


My wife loved this one.


And, finally, one that ALL OF US WILL LAUGH AT!!

image002 (7)


2.  The cartoon about the lights going out reminds me how much I DESPISE decorating.  I always have trouble with the lights, and I end up getting frustrated and tossing stuff around in anger.  I remember a few years back, my boys and I were asked to go outside with 3 strands of lights and decorate the big tree in front of the house.  We unraveled the lights, plugged them in and EVERY ONE of them worked.  You already know what’s coming next.  We got them up on the tree and TWO strands did not work.  My wife even came outside to tell me to watch what I was yelling because kids may hear me.  That’s the anger coming out.  Needless to say, that the last year we decorated that tree.

Speaking of decorating, I LOVE the ones who are creative.  Like this guy.  I would totally do something like this.



3.  Speaking of Christmas, when you’re a kid all that Christmas is about is presents.  When you get older you realize that it’s about a WHOLE LOT MORE than presents.  But, for a few minutes let’s think like kids.

I thought it would be fun to show you a few of my all time favorite presents that my brother Troy and I received for Christmas when we were kids.

We used to put dirty words in this machine, and pull them out as fast as we could when we heard the parents coming.


It was many years after we had this next game that I realized that the words of the game were “ping pong” backwards.  I’m a little slow, I guess.  LOVED the game though.


Who didn’t love THIS toy?


Both of my brothers and I spend HOURS upon HOURS playing this next toy.  I would still play it for hours if I had one.


And who couldn’t love this toy?  And we loved when Mom and Dad bought new slides for it.


And, the WORST gift ever?  Certainly not the worst toy for Christmas, but possibly the dumbest toy made.


You line up the football players and turn on the vibration just HOPING that they accidentally ran into each other.  GOOFY GAME.  It took forever to line them up, and an eternity for them to run into each other.


4.  I have a very good friend that lives in Reston, Virginia, which is right outside of Washington, D.C.  My boys and I actually stayed with him and his lovely wife when we were in D.C. for a football game two years ago.  Well, this guy was home in Aberdeen recently, and it was awesome to see him.  Then, the other day, I get a package in the mail from him.  Guess what was in there?


VIRGINIA PEANUTS.  And they are AMAZING.  How did my friend know that peanuts are my favorite snack?  He’s an awesome man, and I’m glad to have him for a friend.  And, not just for the peanuts.  HA HA


5.  This week was a good week and a bad week for me.  Let me explain.  It started out as a bad week, because tickets to see pop superstar Adele went on sale for her TWO nights in the Twin Cities.  Note that I said TWO NIGHTS.  I was online at 10AM ready to get tickets.  Ticketmaster told me that I was “in line” and would be a 20 minute wait.  Needless to say, when my time came the show was sold out.  Not just show, but SHOWS.  As in plural.  yep, both shows sold out in about 15 minutes is what we were told.


But things got better this morning.  WAY WAY BETTER.  Rock legends AC/DC are coming to Fargo, and I really wasn’t sure that we would get tickets for this one either.


So, this morning, my brother and his wife and yours truly were all manning our phones trying to get four tickets.  Not only did I get four tickets, but my brother got four as well.  The best news?  OUR TICKETS ARE TWO ROWS FROM THE STAGE AND SIX ROWS FROM THE STAGE.  Yep, it was an awesome, epic morning!!

It was also a banner week, and I was also able to score tickets for Chicago and Earth, Wind, and Fire, Loverboy and Foreigner, and Night Ranger.  It’s going to be a rockin’ fun next few months!!


6.  Speaking of rock and roll, I was reading an article the other days about some of the people that were possible replacements for the lead singer of Van Halen.  Of course, the main lead singer, in my mind was David Lee Roth.  I should say “IS” instead of “WAS”, because he is currently with the band.  But, who, apparently could have been their lead singer? 

One of them was Patty Smyth, former lead singer of the group “Scandal”.  They had the huge 80’s hit “The Warrior.”


Another possibility was a lady I have never heard of.  I read that she is extremely famous and popular in Canada.  Her name is Sass Jordan, and I would have LOVED to have been staring at the album covers with her on it.


And the next one really surprised me.


That’s right.  Daryl Hall of “Hall And Oates” was a contender to be lead singer of Van Halen.  I can’t really imagine that, because all I can hear in my head is him singing lead for his legendary duo.

For right now though, Van Halen doesn’t need a lead singer.  But don’t hold your breath.  David Lee Roth could self implode at any given minute.  He’s done it before, and will probably do it again.



OKAY, OKAY.  I had one of my regular readers get on me the other day because I didn’t mention in the last blog the fact that HIS Dallas Cowboys beat MY Washington Redskins a couple of weeks back.  Yes, you beat us, but it was ONE UGLY GAME.  We’ll get you back in two weeks in Dallas.

Apparently nobody wants to win the NFC East.  My favorite team is currently in first place, and will win the division if we beat Buffalo this week, Philadelphia the next week, and then Dallas in the last game of the season. We can absolutely do this.  It’s kind of fun when you hold your own fate in your own hands.  The pressure must be crazy.  I would imagine, ONCE AGAIN, that it will come down to the final game of the season between two of the biggest rivalries in NFL history.  REDSKINS AND COWBOYS.  If it comes down to that game, I won’t be able to eat that entire day because I would be afraid of vomiting because of nerves.



After fumbling my way thru a couple of fantasy football losses, I turned things around and am now playing in week two of the championship round.  In our league, the top four teams battle it out for the trophy.  You play the same team two weeks in a row and compile both weeks scores to see who advances to the championship game.  I don’t want to appear cocky, but, unless I collapse GREATLY I will make the championship game.  I am playing my niece Erin right now, and she has the best record in the league. Guess what?  I beat her by SIXTY POINTS in week one.  I would have to really mess up this week to lose.  And of course, in true Jay Dean fashion, I probably will.  HA HA


9.  Apparently a big movie came out this week?  I think I heard something about it this week. GOOD GRAVY.  I heard MILLIONS of things about this new movie.


Funny story.  There is actually a guy that we work with that has never seen ANY of the “Star Wars” movies.  Actually, I’m finding many friends who have never watched even one.  So, this guy asks us in our meeting what the premise of the movie is.  My good buddy who sits next me, and will remain nameless so that hours of shame doesn’t come his way, told this guy that “Star Wars” was a “LOVE STORY.”  And, I think he was serious because he was giving us examples.  UMM…NO…..  Quite possibly the funniest guy I have ever worked with piped in by saying, “if it was a love story it would be called ‘Making Wookie.”  GENIUS….AND HILARIOUS….




10. Co-workers refer to you as “the ghost of unemployment future”

9. The last time you saw your boss was when he testified against you at the embezzlement trial

8. On your door, you find a lovely wreath of pink slips
Christmas Santa
7. What you call “my new office,” everybody else calls “the supply closet”

6. Boss’s Christmas card says, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”

5. You keep getting memos reminding you that employees are required to wear pants

4. When your boss came over for Thanksgiving, he was crushed under an avalanche of stolen office supplies

3. Whenever you ask for a raise, a guy shows up at your house and breaks your jaw

2. In your most recent performance evaluation, the word “terrible” appeared 78 times

1. You play for the Cleveland Browns.





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