It has been a crazy few weeks.  Lots of things going on, and your pal Jay is completely burned out.  I have a few days off in April, so let’s hope I can make it a few more days.  HA HA

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I think I need one of these.


I don’t need a cat.  There’s enough snoring going on in my house.


This one makes me laugh every time I see it.


My co-workers, friends, family and Facebook friends call jokes, “JAY JOKES”.  This would be one of them.


I wonder if my asthma will cause me to do this.


I’m with this guy.  I may be DUMB, but I’m not STUPID.


And finally, another JAY JOKE.


2.  This past weekend was super exciting.  Our Warner Monarchs completed a perfect season by winning the South Dakota State “B” basketball tournament.


Listen to this.  My Monarchs finished the year 26-0.  They beat four of the state “B” teams in the regular season.  In fact, they beat every class “B” team that they played by double digits during the regular season.  IMPRESSIVE. 

I’m so proud to live in Warner and be a Monarch.


But that wasn’t the only exciting news.  Our Warner cheerleaders won the “Spirit of Six” award Saturday night.  This award is given to a cheerleading team that exemplifies good sportsmanship and crowd control.  Warner’s “sea of blue” at the tournament, I’m sure didn’t hurt.  This award is given yearly in memory of six Rapid City cheerleaders who died in a plane crash back in 1968.  How tragic. But at least they are being remembered in a great way.  Here are our beautiful Warner cheerleaders with their award.  No, the guy in the back is not our cheerleader.


Overall a great weekend.  I’m so happy for our basketball boys.  They are some of the nicest, respectful and unselfish players that I have ever seen.  WAY TO GO BOYS….AND GIRLS….

3.  Speaking of sports, I was watching the women’s NCAA basketball tournament last night, because my Tennessee Lady Vols were playing.  I have been a Tennessee Volunteer fan for about 20 years.  Basketball and football mostly.  Well, last night, they won.


And then, right after they won, the announcer said something that broke my heart.  He said, “The Tennessee Vols have won and have punched their ticket to the sweet 16 in SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA.”  Yeah, SIOUX FALLS…Here’s where my heart was broken.  The game is this Friday night.  Yeah, like Good Friday.  SOOOOOO, I will be a little bit busy in church and can’t make the trip to see my girls.  I highly doubt I will ever get a chance to see my favorite team this close to home again.  However, I can dream.

4.  Speaking of Good Friday, my incredibly beautiful better half and I went to see the movie “Risen.”


The movie deals with a Roman soldier who investigates the “disappearance” of Jesus three days after his death.  All of us know that he rose from the dead, but this soldier didn’t believe.  It’s a great movie.  Perfect for this week, if you can still find a place that’s showing it.

5.  This weather has been unbelievable for the month of March.  In fact, yesterday we were having dinner out on the town, and ran into a couple that we know who are 93 and 88, and still very much with it, and still very mushy and in love.  GREAT COUPLE.  Anywho, I asked them if they have EVER seen a March like this and they said “no.”  He said he can’t remember anything remotely close to what we have experienced.  We had four or five days in a row where we hit 70….SEVENTY…IN MARCH!!  It has been wonderful.  Global warming?  I think so.  HA HA

6.  There was a surprising death the other night.  Frank Sinatra, JR., of course, the son of the “chairman of the board” died suddenly at the age of 72.  He was still performing, and I believe was getting ready to do a show.  You might remember that back in 1963 Frank, JR. was kidnapped and held for ransom.  Obviously everything turned out OK.  Here are a couple of pictures of Frank JR. with his family.  Including his sister, Nancy, who we will talk about soon.



And, here is Frank Sinatra, JR. recently.


7.  Nancy Sinatra is the older sibling of Frank, JR.  She is remembered for her sexy attitude when performing back in the 60’s.


Provocative clothing, flirty nature, and terrific music made Nancy Sinatra a huge star.  And there was no bigger song during her time than this one.


Nancy Sinatra is now 75 years old, believe it or not.  Here she is recently.


8.  Last night I was strolling across the TV channels before the Minnesota Wild played, and during a break in the Tennessee Lady Vol’s game, and came across a delight.  It was a concert at the legendary, and I mean LEGENDARY Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, which was the original home of the Grand Ole Opry.  Who was playing?  It was the 50th anniversary of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  FIFTY YEARS TOGETHER!!  That’s just crazy.


They had special guests like Jackson Browne, Vince Gill, Roseanne Cash, Rodney Crowell, Alison Krauss, and a special appearance by Jerry Jeff Walker, a Texas legend, who wrote “Mr. Bojangles”, which was a huge hit by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.


Another cool cool moment is when they brought up their former lead singer Jimmy Ibbotson , who “retired” from the band a few years ago.  I love his voice.


The special was on PBS and of course, they were trying to raise money.  They were selling the DVD of the show, but of course, I didn’t have my debit card ready so I missed out.  I don’t see it anywhere online yet, but I guarantee you that I will buy it when I find it!!


A man bought a new Porsche and was out on the interstate for a nice evening ride.  The top was down, the breeze was blowing through what was left of his hair, and he decided to see how fast the car could go.  As the needle jumped over 90, he suddenly saw red and blue lights behind him.

“There is no way he can catch a Porsche”, the man thought to himself.  So, he went a little faster.  The needle hit 95.  Then 100.  Then 110.  Then reality sunk in and the man figured he had better stop and face the music for what he had done.

The cop came up to him, took his license without a word and examined it and the car.

The cop said “It has been a long day, this is the end of my shift, and I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow.  I really don’t feel like doing any more paperwork, so if you can give me a good excuse as to why you were driving so fast, I may let you off.  But, it has to be an excuse I have never heard before.”

The man thought for a minute and then said, “Last week my wife ran off with a cop, and I was afraid that it was you and you were bringing her back!!”

The cop looked at him and said, “Have a nice weekend.”