Yes, I am alive.  Life has been very very hectic.  I have thought about doing a blog dozens of times, but never pulled the trigger.  Today is either your lucky day, or a “I don’t care day” because, IT’S BLOG TIME!!!

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I would have probably rolled over laughing at this one 20 years ago, but now that I’m 51, it hits too close to home!


Try reading the next one and not singing.


This next one not only fit my Grandparents, but also my parents.  (KIDDING, MOM!)


WOW.  It’s a Snoopy kind of day.  One at the top of the page and one now.


A second Snoopy one, and a second Grandparent’s joke. This will probably be me, in carrying on the family tradition.  Ha Ha.


This next one is so true.  Except we ate the Elmer’s, too.


2.  Let me preface this by saying that I love politics.  I have always had an urge to run, but in recent years I have ran AWAY from that thought.  I don’t know why anybody would want to put their families thru the mudslinging, lying, deceiving and name calling that elections bring.

With that said, I don’t remember a year where I have felt so discouraged by ALL of the candidates who are out there.  Not just one party, but BOTH parties.  It’s getting to the point that, not only do I not know WHO I should vote for, but I really don’t care to listen anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, I WILL VOTE.  And you should too.  It’s a great freedom to have, and one that we should NOT take lightly.  But, in this year of politics, and in recent years of politics, unfortunately the following is true.


3.  Speaking of politics, there’s a new movement going around that really gets my blood boiling.  It’s called “stomp the flag.”  Groups are going around and stomping on our flag and encouraging others to revolt against our government policies and our government itself, and walk all over the flag. My thing is this.

****If YOU feel like you have the “right” to stomp on the flag in public, then I should have the “right” to kick your butt in public and get away with it.  Freedoms come both ways, people.

4.  I’M SO PUMPED UP.  It was announced just today, that my favorite NBA team has a new coach.


I have been saying since midseason that I want former Chicago Bull’s coach Tom Thibodeau as our head coach.  WISH GRANTED JAY!!!


This Timberwolves team has ALL the talent in the world, they just need some guidance and coaching.  Coach Thibodeau is that guy.  He got a raw deal in Chicago, in my own personal opinion.  Mark my words.  The Minnesota Timberwolves are on the upswing, and WILL, I repeat, WILL make the playoffs this next season!!

5.  My baby and I have been on our “concert tour 2016” over the last three weeks.  The first weekend in April was a trip to the twin cities with our son Mitchell to see a couple of legendary bands.


Earth, Wind and Fire BLEW US AWAY.  We had never seen them before and they were AWESOME.  The concert was so cool, because during a couple of times in the concert, both bands were on stage together playing each others hits.  It was something like 21 band members jamming to each others hits.



Not meaning to “over hype it”, but this was seriously, one of the best concerts I have been to in the last couple of decades.  It was so much fun, and like I said, Earth Wind and Fire was incredible.  I would have no problem going to see them again all by themselves, and I would have never have said that pre-concert.

And then, weekend two of April saw my beautiful bride and I heading to Fargo to see two rock powerhouses from the 80’s.  Loverboy and Foreigner.

Mike Reno and the guys from Loverboy were incredible.  They sounded just like the albums back in the 80’s, and are all the original band members, as far as I could tell.


But, it was Foreigner who stole the show.  If you get the chance to see this band, go see them.  Hit after hit.  Every song you knew. Every song you could sing almost every word to.

I had “accidentally” bought V.I.P. tickets to the show.  How?  That’s a long story and one for another time.  But, it was cool. We got to hang out at a party backstage and meet Foreigner.  And then we had front row seats for the concert.

Check us out with Foreigner.


And were we close to the stage?  UMMM….YES!!!


Our caravan of rock music continues next week with Night Ranger in Sioux Falls.  We’re ready to “rock our faces off” again next week.  I think that’s what the kids say anyway.

6.  Keeping with our “music theme” I have a question.  Which spaceship rock music logo do you like better?




It’s a tough decision, but I think my fave is the first one.  The Electric Light Orchestra.  The cool thing is, I will be seeing BOTH of these bands this summer.

My wife thinks I have dropped off of the deep end, but in September, my son Mitchell and I are flying to Hollywood, yes, THAT Hollywood to see the Electric Light Orchestra in concert.  ELO hasn’t performed in the states in something like 30 years, and it sounds like Jeff Lynne and the band may be retiring sometime soon.  SO…IT’S NOW OR NEVER.  ELO has been a “bucket list” concert of mine for decades.  I can’t believe we are FINALLY going to see them.  You don’t want to know how torked off I will be if we fly out there and it gets rained out at the Hollywood Bowl.  I don’t even want to put that thought in my mind.  We should be safe, because I remember a song from the 70’s that said, “it never rains in southern California.”

ELO is on tour now in other countries, and I found a picture of their playlist from their current tour.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!


7.  It has been a crazy week for ladies named Doris in Hollywood.  The legendary Doris Day turned 92 and released a new picture of herself, and sadly, Doris Roberts passed away at 90.

Let’s focus on Doris Roberts first.  Most people know this lovely lady as the pesky mother of Raymond Barone in “Everybody Loves Raymond.”  Marie Barone was a character that everybody loved.


It’s crazy to think that Doris Roberts has been in show business since 1951!!  Here is an earlier photo from a 1969 show called “Shadow Game.”

Shadow Game

Most folks will also remember Doris for playing on the TV show “Remington Steele”.


Doris Roberts will be remembered as a great actress.

Here is Doris Roberts in the last couple of years.


And now on to happier “Doris news.”  The legendary Doris Day turned 92 recently.  She has always been such a beautiful woman, but in recent years has turned into a recluse.

Many people remember Doris Day for starring in classic movies with Rock Hudson, and for having her own TV show, appropriately called “The Doris Day Show.”


day and hudson 3

I mentioned a recent picture of Doris Day.  They don’t come around often folks, so appreciate it.  She looks great for 92.


8.  Andrew Jackson is gone, and Harriet Tubman is in.  In case you haven’t heard, Harriet Tubman is going to be the new face of the twenty dollar bill.  They haven’t released a true picture of it yet, but it could look something like this.


I am all for the change, but to me it would have made more sense to put her on the quarter, being George Washington is also on the one dollar bill.  I can understand the importance, however, of having the Father of our country on two different monetary pieces.

9.  If you are making a trip to the Twin Cities, I would highly recommend a stop at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater in Chanhassen, Minnesota.  It is one of the suburbs of the Twin Cities.  While we were there a couple of weeks ago, we saw “Beauty And The Beast.”  IT WAS INCREDIBLE.  The play reminded us of the hit movie, and the music was incredible, and as always, the meal and the aura of the Theater is second to nobody in that area.  Here are a couple of photos from this wonderful wonderful dinner theater.



The young boy who played the coffee cup called “Chip” was my favorite.  He was so adorable in that role.


“Camelot” is starting soon.  Make sure you book your reservations today.


Bob, a 70 year old, extremely wealthy widower, showed up at the Country Club with a breathtakingly beautiful and very sexy 25 year old blonde.  She knocks everyone’s socks off with her youthful sex appeal and charm, and hangs on to Bob’s arm and listens intently to his every word.

His buddies at the club could not believe their own eyes.

At the very first chance, they cornered Bob and asked him, “Bob, how did you get such a trophy girlfriend?”

Bob replied, “Girlfriend?  No, boys, she’s my wife!!!”

This really floored his friends, so they asked him again, “how in the heck did you get her to marry you?”

Bob told them, “I lied about my age. I lied about being 70.”

One of his friends said, “how?  Did you tell her you were only 50?”

Bob smiled and said, “nope, I told her I was 90!!!”






I knew this day was coming sooner or later.  But I have been dreading it.  Country music uber-legend Merle Haggard has died at the age of 79.  In fact, he died today (Wednesday) on his 79th birthday!

I have a top five list of country artists of all time.  Four of the five are now gone.  Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, George Jones, and of course, my all time favorite Hank Williams.  Only Charley Pride remains from my top five.

I have been a diehard Merle Haggard fan since I was probably 4 years old.  My Dad and Mom had a few Haggard albums, and being the music fanatic that I was and AM, I listened to his albums.  I fell in love with the great songs of his.  His word crafting was unlike anything I had heard before.  You could picture what was happening in the song by listening to Merle’s words.

What is my favorite Merle Haggard song?  That’s easy.


And a very close second is this song.


I would have to say “TIED FOR SECOND” is this classic.



In my 25 years of radio, I played hundreds upon hundreds of Merle Haggard songs.  Even when he was releasing songs that would never have the chance of topping the charts, I played them.  He had a song around 1994 called “In My Next Life” which still brings tears to my eyes.  In fact, I just played that song in my car a week ago or so.  I’ll try and find the video of the song.

One of my greatest concert moments ever was back around 1990 when I went to Bismarck, ND and saw, are you ready for this, Merle Haggard, George Jones, and Conway Twitty….ALL IN THE SAME SHOW….It was an unreal concert experience.

And what a good lookin’ man.  Check out this early early photo of Merle when he started on Tally Records back in the 60’s.



MerleHaggardMerle Haggard,Merle Haggard famous musician,Merle Haggard suffer from lung cancer,famous musician Merle Haggard,the legends Merle Haggard,the legends,singer Merle Hag

Merle Haggard, you always tipped your hat to us, your fans, but today, we tip our hats to you.


My heart breaks because a legendary voice has been stifled.  My heart breaks because there will be no new music by this icon.  My heart breaks because generations after this will never experience “Merle live in concert” like many of us have.  I have no doubt in my heart that Merle Haggard will live on the same way Hank Williams and Patsy Cline have over the past decades.  History, especially country music history, will be very very kind and loving, to a kind, gentle, and loving man.  WE LOVE YOU MERLE HAGGARD!!


OK…it’s video time.

Watch this video.  This is Merle on the Glen Campbell show doing his impersonations.  He was terrific at this!


Here is my all time favorite song by Merle.


This next song gives me chills.


And here’s the song that I mentioned above.  Maybe one of the reasons that “In My Next Life” hits me so hard is that it’s about small farm America.  And all of us in the Dakota’s know all about that.