Actually, this has been a pretty decent Monday.  I think, however, that it’s mandatory to complain about Mondays.  It might be a law possibly, I don’t know.

Your blog is sponsored by Pierson Ford in Aberdeen, SD.  We had a pretty busy September, which means that numerous trades have come in.  We have a lot full of about every make and model, and all kinds of different colors, too. 


Your best bet it to check us out online at piersonford.com, or you can stop and see us in the auto plaza, north highway 281 in Aberdeen!!


I sucked big time at math.  It’s surprising that I even understand this one.


All of you know that I LOVE puns.  With that said, ENJOY!!



Here’s a joke that made me laugh out loud!


And finally…..


2.  Are you ready for a number?


Know what that is?  That’s the total number of views that this blog has had since I started it a few years back.

Not bad for a knucklehead Norwegian from South Dakota!

3.  My wife and I couldn’t wait for last night.  Why?


Season two of “Ash VS Evil Dead.”  We loved season one.  Here’s the thing.  If you don’t like blood and gore, don’t watch it.  But if you are a fan of the original “Evil Dead” movie from 1981, then you might love it.

Bruce Campbell starred in the original movie.


And, at 58, he stars in this new series as well.


My wife absolutely LOVES his sarcasm and wit in the TV show.  He has become a cult figure in the horror movie genre.  He is WAY WAY bigger and more popular now that he ever was in his younger years.

By the way, the original “Evil Dead” movie was watched by my roommate and I numerous times back in 1982.  ON LASERDISC…Yeah, I said LASERDISC.



Most of you know that I am a diehard Tennessee Vols fan, and this game was one for the ages.  Seriously, they will talk about this one for years.  Georgia scored a go-ahead touchdown with 10 seconds left in the game.  My Vols throw a “hail mary” pass into the end zone with FIVE seconds left.  BOOM.  Our guy catches it and we win, IN GEORGIA.  Nothing quiets a home crowd like a stunning stunning defeat.  However, I know how the Georgia fans feel.  I felt exactly like that with ten seconds left.

5.  My son Mitchell and I are STILL riding high from seeing ELO or “The Electric Light Orchestra” in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago.  Do you want to see how great this concert was?  I found a youtube video of the actual concert we were at.  It’s about 12 minutes long, but WELL worth it.  Check it out of you have time.

I have never ever flown to a concert before.  I never thought I would do it again. But I would.  Only for ELO.

6.  My wife says that I have a bad taste in clothes.  She is not a “flashy” type person when it comes to clothes. She doesn’t want to wear anything that really draws attention to her.  Although she does.  Everything she wears draws attention because of her beauty.

With that said, I would like to order the following shirt to wear with jeans.  But, a little voice inside is telling me not to.  What do you think?


7.  Name your favorite late night host ever.  GO!!!  I would imagine that many of you said the same name that I just said.


Johnny Carson is BY FAR my favorite late night host of all time.  I have been watching some of those infomercials that are on promoting the DVD’S of “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson.”  Now, with that said, Jimmy Fallon is doing a superb job late night.  But I never got into Jay Leno.  I always thought that David Letterman was the “host in waiting” until Johnny called it quits.  In fact, millions of people thought he was.  But the NBC brass decided otherwise, and I had to switch to CBS to watch David Letterman’s show.

You will not believe who my second favorite late night host has been.


CRAIG FERGUSON.  Craig, to me, was witty and charming, and incredibly funny.  I absolutely thought his show was creative, and that he was one of the best interviewers I have ever seen.  He made the guests so so comfortable. I miss his show!!

8.  I am not going to get political, but I think I need to say something.


This “nobody” guy seems incredible.  I don’t know their first name, but I have heard that “nobody” will ever lie to you.  “Nobody” will ever deceive you, and “nobody” will ever take you down the wrong path.  “NOBODY” has my vote.

9.  Most of my viewers will appreciate the next one.


The funny thing is, I have ALL of those things in my basement!!


A man is walking in a graveyard when he hears the Third Symphony played backward. When it’s over, the Second Symphony starts playing, also backward, and then the First. “What’s going on?” he asks a cemetery worker.

“It’s Beethoven,” says the worker. “He’s decomposing.”


Author: jaydeanhcr

Jay Dean spent 30 years in the radio business working morning shows and having fun on the air. Jay is now the host/creator of a very popular radio show called “Country Legends Jukebox.” Jay also helps out ministering at two churches in the area. Jay is at St. John's Lutheran in Hecla, SD, and Trinity Lutheran in Houghton, SD. Jay is blessed to have his beautiful wife Jeannie by his side, and received the two greatest gifts he could ever receive in his sons Tyler and Mitchell. Jay's interests including listening to classic country music, including his favorite Hank Williams, SR., and watching his beloved Washington Redskins and Minnesota Wild.


  1. Now Jay, about that shirt. It might indicate to some that you are a pretty messy painter, but at least it lets people know that you paint. But then they might wonder if you only paint rainbows, since the colors on it are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Myself, I like to see colors a lot. How often does a rainbow brighten your day? But the rainbow to some indicates that you belong in that mix of people who celebrate their sexual differences. Nothing wrong with that, but I am not so sure that you have any sexual differences, Jay. So just see it as rainbow colored and you will be fine. Or is there something you want to tell us? 🙂

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