I am really trying not to complain.  It’s already Dec. 10th, and we’re getting our first blast of really cold arctic air.  As far as snow, my immediate area has escaped everything so far, with parts of South Dakota and North Dakota getting absolutely buried, not once, but TWICE!!  We have been fortunate so far.  Plus, the possible cold snowy months of October, November and early December have passed.


So, that’s what this group is doing today!


And that’s the TOOTH!


Hmmm…Funny…We don’t even have a dog, yet I have a DOGHOUSE.


This one shouldn’t be funny with tax time coming soon.


Man, is this one CORNY.  Corny.  Get it?


2.  IDIOT ALERT!!!  And, that would be ME.

Most of you know that I lead worship at two churches in Houghton and Hecla, SD.  Well, it is the season of Advent, which means that the Advent candles are burning bright in both of our churches.  You probably see where this is going.

Last Sunday at our church in Houghton, I was inviting people to share the peace, and I said, “And now, may the peace of the Lord be with you always.”  As I said “always”, I outstretched my arms and BOOM,  put my hand right in the candle.  Direct flame on my hand.  The good news is that it only stung and didn’t leave a burn mark.  The bad news?  The smell of burned hair.  A smell, I DO NOT like.

3.  I think I need to put a camera in our sleeping quarters.  I have been waking up each morning with big scratches on my body.  Mostly on my legs, arms, and chest.  The strange thing is, I don’t have any fingernails to do it.  And my gorgeous wife really doesn’t either.  I hope that someone isn’t sneaking in my house at night just to scratch me.  I normally don’t notice the scratches until I get in the shower in the morning and feel the water hit the scratches.  I hope nothing “supernatural” is going on in there.  I kid about that, but if that happened, I would have to move.

4.  Painting and decorating for Christmas.  To steal from the song from the “Sound Of Music”, ‘these are a few of my LEAST FAVORITE things.’  The thought of painting makes me hyperventilate.  I can’t stand it.  However, Christmas decorating could be tied with painting, or just a little underneath it.  Maybe 1A and 1B.  I don’t know what it is about it, but I just cannot do it.  It could be my A.D.D. kicking in, I don’t know.  This year, however, I swallowed my pride and my anxiety and helped my wife decorate.  Yes, there was some anger on my part, and some frustrating words yelled a couple of times, but we survived.  I did hear a few times though, “honey, you need to chill out and take a deep breath.”  She may be right.  I just have never learned how to do that.

5.  Speaking of Christmas, it’s that time of the year for our annual Christmas TV shows to run.  Some of these actually began back in the mid 60’s when I was a child.  And they are still hits for every family.  Want to know my favorites?  Here they are.

(1).  Easy.


“Rudolph” is the one Christmas show that I looked forward to every year.  The only thing I didn’t like about it was that Santa was kind of mean and rude in part of that show.  Yukon Cornelius was one of my faves.  And there are so many quotes and lines from the show.  Lines like “I want to be a dentist.”  And then Yukon says, “You want to be a what?”  Classic.



I realize that I’m not reaching out that far from what everyone else likes, but “Frosty” is a great show.  I can still hear him saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY.”  And who didn’t feel emotions when the little girl cries at the end when Frosty melts.

(3.)  This one may be a favorite of a few, but not everybody.


I loved the choppy animation of the show, and the cuteness of the boy.  Plus, it has a spiritual message to it as well.

6. And now on to my favorite Christmas movie.  No question.  No close second place.  It’s a movie we watch EVERY Christmas season and sometimes during the Christmas “off-season.”


Who doesn’t like the comedic wit and sarcasm of Bill Murray?  This movie has some incredibly hilarious moments, and a good message to it as well.  This has become a holiday classic in my home over any other movie.

7.  PILLOW HEAVEN.  Or PILLOW HELL.  It depends on who is talking about it.  I’m talking about our bed.  It feels like I could suffocate by lying on top of the bed without removing “pillow mountain.”


Okay, this may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point.  I have been one of these “lazy husbands” who cannot understand why we decorate or even fix the bed every morning in the one room that nobody else sees but us.  Of course, I lose the argument every single time about not fixing the bed.  Jeannie knows that when she goes away for a few days, that the bed will be in shambles until she gets home.  It’s a given.

8.  Joseph Moscolo died this week.  Don’t know the name?  Maybe not, but if you watched “Days Of Our Lives” you will know his character.


STEFANO DIMERA.  I think one of the great villains of all time on TV.  In fact, Stefano was so terrifying to me that I used to have nightmares about him being after me.  SERIOUSLY.  I used to dream at night that Stefano was chasing me and trying to kill me.  I thought he was the true meaning of evil.  I watched “Days” religiously from late grade school until the 90’s.  When Marlena became the devil, that was the sign that I was done watching the show.

The good news for fans of the show is that Stefano is gone forever.  Hopefully. Stefano has died so many times and came back.  “The Phoenix always rises.”  Apparently, Bo died on the show and Hope believed that Stefano was behind it, so she took it upon herself to “eliminate the problem.”


I think they figured with Joseph sick in real life, it was time to end it for good on the show.  Maybe. Possibly.


From all accounts Joseph Moscolo was an amazingly great man.  I have read tributes about his kindness and fondness for others.  And in my book, Stefano DiMera will go down as one of the greatest bad guys in soap opera history.

9.  Speaking of bad guys that entered my nightmares, there is one who haunted me like crazy when I was a small child.  It was the “child catcher” from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”


I don’t know if it was his creepy look, or the fact that he was trying to catch children, but I had nightmare after nightmare about this guy when I was small.  It was to the extent that I couldn’t even watch the movie for quite a while. 


As the waitress served the elderly couple, she noticed something very unusual.  The man began to eat his meal while his wife just stared patiently out the window.  “Is there something wrong with your food?” the waitress asked.  The older lady replies, “no, the food looks great.”  The waitress asked her again, “aren’t you afraid of your food getting cold?”  The lady nicely replied “oh, that’s alright.”  The waitress finally asked “Well, aren’t you hungry?”  To which the elderly lady replied, “yes I am, I’m just waiting until it’s my turn to use the teeth.”




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