HEY HOWDY PARTNERS!!!  I absolutely love the following picture.


Is that my sense of humor or what?

Plus it does make me excited that with every day ending, we are ONE DAY closer to spring.


I swear that my Mom had this talent.  Probably EVER Mom.


This next one is funny.  It could get you KILLED, but it’s funny.


How about a little Grandpa humor?  I LOVE this one.


And, to be fair to Grandma, here goes.


And now, a blonde moment.


2.  I just looked at the calendar and realized that yesterday was January 25th.  Why is that important?  Well, three months from yesterday will be our 30th wedding anniversary.  THIRTY YEARS.  That POOR POOR woman.

In fact, it seems like every time someone asks how many years we’ve been married, they always end it with, “you have my sympathy”, or a comment in that general area.  Seriously, am I THAT BAD?  Please don’t answer that.

3.  Funny moment.  When I was working at my church in Hecla, SD yesterday afternoon, an update came up on my phone that said, “traffic in the Hecla area is light at this moment.”  GEEZ…I would hope so.  There’s like 200 people in that town.  So, I watched the road by the church, and sure enough TWO vehicles came by in a 45 second period.  That’s not light.  That’s RUSH HOUR in Hecla.

4.  MUSIC TIME.  Make sure to turn your speakers up and listen, because you will LOVE the memories these songs bring back.

While I was in the shower the other day, a couple of songs played on my I-pod that had me singing at the top of my lungs.  (Sorry about the vision of me in the shower.  It makes me sick to my stomach as well.)

These were basically one hit wonders from the 70’s.  And they were considered “child acts.”  One comes from a legendary musical family, and one was just a family band.

Let’s do my favorite first.

Tony DeFranco and the DeFranco family had a couple of hits around 1973.  I remember our babysitter bringing her records over to our house and playing songs for us.  This song got played A BUNCH.


Remember that band?


Here they are a few years ago.


Tony DeFranco, by the way, is now 57 years old.  How does THAT make you feel?  He is a real estate agent in Los Angeles. 

OK, CRANK THE SPEAKERS!  Here you go!!  And it’s from the JACK BENNY SHOW!!  BONUS!!!

They also had a couple of minor hits like “Abracadabra” and “Save The Last Dance For Me”, but none was bigger than this classic!

5.  The other child star from 1973ish is the youngest of America’s family band, The Osmonds.  It is, of course, Little Jimmy Osmond.  Remember this smash?


“Long Haired Lover From Liverpool” was a super cool radio hit.  I still listen to it all the time. 

He was such a cutie too!!


Believe it or not, Jimmy Osmond is basically my age.  He is now 53 year old, and still performing with The Osmond Family.


You may not think you might remember this song, but I think you will. ONCE AGAIN, CRANK THE SPEAKERS!!!

This video made me smile.  So cute, and so talented.

6.  OK, one more song.  This song is actually one of my 20 favorite songs of all time.  Possibly in the top ten.  And that is all forms of music…rock..country..pop…everything.

It’s by a band called “Gallery.”



CRANK IT UP ONE MORE TIME.  This song never gets old to me.  I think, however, it DOES get old to my wife.

7.  Another great actress is gone.  By now you probably know that Mary Tyler Moore died this past Wednesday at the age of 80.  She had some health problems over the years.

What an actress!  She started out with Dick Van Dyke on the classic TV show “The Dick Van Dyke Show”.


And, of course, she is probably more known for playing Mary Richards on the Minneapolis based TV show “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”


This legendary show spawned other TV shows like “Rhoda”, “Lou Grant”, and others.  She was instrumental in helping a lot of people’s careers as well.  You might notice a younger Betty White in the bottom left corner of the picture.

Here is Mary Tyler Moore in recent years.


8.  Here’s some words on celebrity deaths.  People always seem so shocked when a celebrity dies.  I do sometimes as well, but we have to remember one thing.  EVERYBODY IS GOING TO DIE.  People like Mary Tyler Moore lived great lives into their 80’s.  Yes, it’s sad when a celebrity in their 20’s and 30’s dies, but that also is life.  Not one of us is going to escape death.  That’s a fact.  We always see these actors, actresses, and singers as they were years ago.  When we think of Carol Burnett, for example, our minds bring up her great show and what she looked like back then.  But she’s past 80 as well.  Someday we will get the news of her demise as well.

Ironically enough, the one passing that is going to take down Facebook and blow the internet up is Betty White.  She in her 90’s and still going strong.  But she has found an entirely new fan base of people from 10 years old up to her age.  I have already heard people saying that when she passes it is going to devastate them.  Once again, she’s in her 90’s.  It’s going to happen sometime sooner than later. 

9.  I need to vent about my Washington Redskins.  Our star quarterback, Kirk Cousins is lined up for an incredibly big pay day.  Rumors are swirling that the Redskins might not sign him, that they might trade him for draft picks.  THAT WOULD BE IDIOTIC.

My guess is that we will sign him to a long term contract.  Maybe the franchise tag for the next year, but after that a long term contract.  Fans like me are hoping that it’s a long term contract right out of the chute.

I have been reading some comments from Skins fans that they don’t want him as part of our team.  It basically stems from him throwing two devastating interceptions in the final game of the season.  That loss knocked us out of the playoff picture.  BUT SERIOUSLY?  There were a lot of other players that could have made some more plays to help them win.

I just have to wonder what Kirk Cousins has to do to impress people?  He has thrown for almost 5,000 yards two years in a row.  He already holds a few Redskins passing records.  He helped the Redskins win the division last year.  Honestly, in this world of “what have you done for me lately”, I just have to wonder.  WHAT THE HECK DOES HE HAVE TO DO?


Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went on a camping trip. After a good meal and a bottle of wine, they laid down for the night, and went to sleep. Some hours later, Holmes awoke and nudged his faithful friend. “Watson, look up at the sky and tell me what you see.” Watson replied, “I see millions and millions of stars.” “What does that tell you?” Watson pondered for a minute. “Astronomically, it tells me that there are millions of galaxies, and potentially billions of planets. Astrologically, I observe that Saturn is in Leo. Horologically, I deduce that the time is approximately a quarter past three. Theologically, I can see that God is all powerful and that we are small and insignificant. Meteorologically, I suspect that we will have a beautiful day tomorrow. What does it tell you?” Holmes was silent for a minute, then spoke. “It tells me that someone has stolen our tent.”




Where in the world has time gone?


Time scares me.  It is going way too fast.  My parents warned me about this, but when you’re younger you don’t think of it.  Dear time.  SLOW DOWN PLEASE!!

1.  How about some funny stuff?

Finally, a hospital with a sense of humor!


I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.


Thank goodness they weren’t looking for URANUS.


She must be awesome.  He’s always back with her.


And last, but certainly not least!


2.  Well, we spent New Year’s weekend in St. Paul, MN.  We were fortunate to have your boys with us, as well as Tyler’s new beautiful girlfriend Carly.  We absolutely adore this young woman.  We had some fun.  We, unfortunately witnessed a Minnesota Wild loss.  The Wild had a 12 game win streak going into the game, and the Columbus Blue Jackets had a 14 game win streak.  THE PLACE WAS ELECTRIC.  Sadly though, our Wild lost. 

But, a Minnesota sports team redeemed our faith that weekend.  And, surprise, it was the Minnesota Vikings.  They just crushed the Chicago Bears.  We basically went to see the new digs.  No not Stefan Diggs, their wide receiver.  He didn’t play anyway.  We went to see the new digs called the U.S. Bank Stadium.  All I can say is….WOWZERS!!


Check out the inside!


U.S. Bank stadium is hosting the Super Bowl at the end of next season, or early 2018.  I will say this.  They are ready.  People will be blown away by it.  Now, I just need my Washington Redskins to pull their heads out and get to the big game next year.  Wouldn’t that be awesome…for me?  Actually, the perfect Super Bowl for me and the boys would be the Washington Redskins taking on the Tennessee Titans.  Possible?  Yep.  Likely, probably not.  But, anything can happen.

3.  After the Minnesota Wild game, we all went out for some appetizers and such to celebrate New Year’s Eve.  You guessed it.  My gorgeous wife and I were back in the hotel room by 10:30PM.  The kids made it until midnight, but we weren’t even close.

Because we fell asleep and honestly, didn’t care, we missed the ball dropping on TV.  We apparently also missed an implosion of a performance by Mariah Carey.


Yeah, I don’t know the words.  Actually, I’m not a fan of hers by any means.  But, I still don’t wish on anyone what happened to her.  She looked and sounded like she was lost.  It almost seemed like an imposter up on the stage.  And by the way, she doesn’t quite dress like someone in her 40’s.  Good for her, I guess. A lot of people would call it a little too revealing, however, many others would say, “not bad for 46.”


4.  Remember Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas?


From all accounts, a very good man.  He passed away 15 years ago yesterday.  (January 8th)  He was only 69 years old.

While researching him, I found a Wendy’s store that saluted their late boss and owner.

I’m just thinking that they should have separated the two thoughts of the sign.  HA HA


I know it was a mistake, but it makes it look like the body wasn’t even cold and they’re replacing him.  Funny stuff.

5.  Yesterday (January 8th) also was another milestone, and this one is hard to comprehend.  Remember my previous post a bit ago talking about the year’s spinning by?  Well, get this!!

Elvis Presley would have been 82 yesterday!!!  EIGHTY TWO.  That just doesn’t seem possible.  But, I have to remember that he died at 42.  Here is an artist’s rendition of what Elvis might have looked like today.


Of course, we like to remember him this way.



I am a huge Elvis fan.  I have a family member who is a diehard, and has a pretty vast collection of Elvis stuff. Much to my wife’s dismay, this relative is leaving ALL OF IT to me when she is gone.  Obviously, we want her here for many more years, so I’m not thinking at all about the deal.

Ready to watch a couple of cool videos?  These are my three favorite Elvis Presley songs.

Number three:

Number two:


And, my all time favorite Elvis song.  It gives me goosebumps.

The younger generation won’t understand this, but we will NEVER EVER see an American talent of this proportion.  Elvis and The Beatles will never be touched as the biggest and greatest artists this world has ever seen. 


Ok, I want to preface this by saying that THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL STATEMENT.  Some of you may think so, but it is not meant to be political.

It’s about celebrities.  When will singers and actors and actresses realize that we DON’T CARE ABOUT THEIR OPINIONS?

It is getting ridiculous out there with all of these big stars, and other so called “celebrities” having to put out their opinion on every single thing happening in this world.  I DON’T CARE.  WE DON’T CARE.  When I go see some of my favorite singers, I had better not hear ONE THING about politics, or other worldly events.  Why would anyone of these idiots think that their opinion would sway however we feel?

And here’s another thing.  When this country is divided almost in half about some issues, don’t the entertainers realize that when they stand up so loudly about some issues that they are torking off and alienating half of their fan base?

I wish that the “other halves” of these issues that the celebrities are pushing, would STOP going to those actor’s movies, and STOP buying their music and going to their concerts.  Maybe when their movie sales and music sales are cut in half, they will realize to just shut up and act.  Or shut up and sing. 

There…rant over….And I still don’t feel better about it.

7.  What is going on in this world?  You can’t turn on the TV or read the paper without seeing shootings, murders, abuse and other horrible crimes.  These four kids who brutally beat and tortured a mentally challenged boy is about the worst thing I’ve seen recently.  The four are facing “hate crime” charges and rightfully so.  I just find it appalling at what is happening.  Shootings in airports, schools, movie theaters, and God knows wherever else.  Suicide bombings, beheadings, child abductions, and the list goes on and on and on.  I think that social media has something to do with all of this, because it’s so available.  People can try to do things to impress others on Facebook, Instagram and others.  But the main this is, evil is rampant in this world today.  I just don’t know if we can get this thing turned around before it’s too late.

8.  How do you make your popcorn at night?  I have two ways.  I have a stove top popper when I use the kit that I order online.  And, I have the good old traditional popcorn popper that you plug into the wall.  I use some butter flavored oil, and then usually Pop Secret or Orville Redenbacher popcorn.  But the key to this is…ONE HALF STICK OF BUTTER.  Not margarine, but butter.  And salt.  Sometimes my wife wonders how the heck I’m even alive anymore.


Little Johnny was in class and the teacher announced that they were going to try something different to help everyone get to know each other a little better, and to help with their spelling.

She explained, “I want you to stand up and give us the occupation of your father, spell it, and say one thing he would give us all if he was here today.”

The first student raised her hand to volunteer.

“Marcy,” the teacher said. “You may go first.”

Marcy replied, “My father is a banker. B-A-N-K-E-R and if he was here today, he would give us all a shiny new penny.”

The teacher said, “Very nice, Marcy, who wants to go next?”

Kevin stood up and announced, “My father is a baker. B-A-K-E-R and if he was here today, he would give us all a freshly-baked cookie.”

“Very good,” the teacher told Kevin.

Jeff was next, and he said, “My father is an accountant. A-K, no wait, A-C-K, no…”

Before he could attempt to spell it once more, the teacher cut him off and told him to sit back down and to think about it for a while. When he thought he knew how to spell it, he could stand back up and try again.

Little Johnny raised his hand in excitement hoping to be acknowledged by the teacher. The teacher called on little Johnny to go next.

Johnny said, “My father is a bookie. B-O-O-K-I-E and if he was here today, he would give us all 20:1 odds Jeff will never be able to spell “accountant.”