About Jay Dean

Jay Dean is a 24 year veteran of radio, but has since left the business to pursue other interests including working at Pierson Ford in Aberdeen.  Jay is proud to be the pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Hecla, S.D., Trinity Lutheran Church in Houghton, SD. and Grace Covenant Lutheran in Aberdeen, SD.   However, Jay’s greatest loves in his life are his beautiful wife Jeannie, and his ruggedly handsome boys, Tyler and Mitchell.  Jay’s favorite singer of all time is Hank Williams, Sr., and his favorite sporting team is the Washington Redskins.


32 thoughts on “About Jay Dean

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. Found it yesterday.
    I work for a PBS affiliate in Texas.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Been a reader for a couple of years, big fan…Dane in South Africa so i could say were brothers.
      Cant wait for the blogs even though theyre becoming rare nowadays…
      Keep ’em coming Jay.

  2. Hi Jay,

    I came across your blog a few months ago and think you do a fantastic job compiling jokes, anecdotes and personal notes. As a long time blogger I know it’s hard keeping up a daily site so appreciate the hard work you put in. The downside – and this is what kept me glued to your site for a week straight as I caught up on your old posts – is as a 50 year old seeing all the before/after pictures of aging celebs, many of which I grew up with. I may end up in therapy when I realize that I may not look to others as young as I feel. When did everyone I know on TV and movies GET SO OLD! Yikes – what a reality check! All the best, stay healthy and keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Jay – Love your blog even though I’m only half Norsky. My mom lived in Aberdeen for a while (her father owned the newspaper that Frank Baum later bought). Today at #9 you mention doubt about people rushing to NJ. Actually, one of the very best theories for the origin of “23 skidoo” has to do with people rushing to NJ. The ferry at the west end of 23d St in NYC took people home after a night on the town, and after the show, they wanted to skedaddle (“skidoo”) to 23d St. FYI. This week at my Harvard Class of ’59 group server I shared a couple of your jokes, giving you credit (the two rednecks and the three vampires). On both, my classmates said they were “dissolving in mirth.” Ozzie // Walnut Creek CA

  4. Hi Jay; Just wanted to add my 2 cents….I look forward to read inside your brain every chance I get.
    just a few words on retirement, Since I retired June 25/2010, its not all thats cracked up to be..you can only hunt, fish and golf so much. for 38 years I got up at 5;00am then I retired and still got up at 5:00am, now what?? So I went and met my X-co-workers for coffee at 5:30am at the coffee shop, then at 6am they got up and left for work !! now what? So to make thing short, I got a JOB..part time 3 hours a day mon. to Fri. and now I feel great and a sense of belonging. hang in there retirement is only a thought. Rob

  5. WoW! It seems like all the best things DO come to an end. I for one are sorry to see you go but i know that from time to time we all need change in life. Well dean i have enjoyed your blob,you humor and your crazy thoughts and ideas. i can only pray that you find the very best in life (bsides your wife and family) and don’t ever lose your sense of humor. take Care and God Bless. Roger Walker.

  6. I can’t believe you left radio. I know it doesn’t pay well and you work long hours and you spend a lot of time away from your family and it gets really stressful to make deadlines and always a demanding public for more, more, more…… Crap, I guess I see why you got out. You couldn’t take it anymore. That’s OK, I knew when I met you 26 years ago that you wouldn’t last.
    Seriously, Laurie and I miss you guys, we will have to get together one day, and sorry again about your dad, he sounded like a really good man. Take care and say hi to Jeannie for us. She hasn’t changed one bit, but you sure have aged…. 🙂
    Mark and Laurie Stromsodt
    Middle River, Mn

  7. Well the best news is your blog is NOT ending! just a thought Have you ever considered putting a warning label on your blog? WARNING; DI NOT READ THIS BLOG BEFORE YOU GO TO BED!!! THERE IS A DANGER THAT YOU WILL SUDDENLY WAKE UP THINKING ABOUT SOMETHING YOU READ AND START LAUGHING!! I read yorur blog here in Vancouver Wahington. thank you for all the great jokes,thoughts and smiles. Good night and GOD bless as RED SKELTON USED TO END HIS SHOW.

  8. matbe you can answear a question? why is it that when you have an idea to help people everybody wants somebody ELSE to do it? i had an idea to bag up instant soup mix’s and send to the east coast, Red Cross said “oh we don’t have the infrastructer to do that and every body else i called said the same thing! One place said they were sending packages to Africa but not to the east coast!! How can a pperson help if nobody wants to do anything? i can get the things i need for the soup in bulk and its cheap and mix them up myself but so far all i have reached are dead ends. Got any ideas? thanks for any and all help. Roger K Walker

    1. actually, what you are running into happens all over the place….sadly enough, i’ve been in a spot where you are right now. it’s amazing to me how people have the resources to help, but choose not to. one of my big problems with this country has been the outreach to other parts of the world, when we cannot, in fact, help those in our own neighborhoods. don’t get me wrong, i have no issues helping other countries, IF OUR PEOPLE ARE TAKEN CARE OF FIRST…….imagine what this country would have for money and resources if we had kept all of our money and resources home? sad…JUST KEEP THE FAITH…talk to a church group about helping. you will usually find youth groups that will bend over backwards to do something like this….i’m very proud of you…keep it up….

  9. Hey Jay! hope you had a great thanksgiving! By the way i mentioned to my wife that you ;most likely wern’t watching the red skins game today; NOT!!! i told her that YOU were most likely bouncing off the walls and leaving foot prints on the ceiling!! i watched the game and they were GREAT!!! i want to thank you for reminding me that years ago i was a skins fan ARE a great team i, used to be a redskins fan but i guess i just stopped watching them until YOU reminded me, thanks! I watched the New England game and i was glad they won too.! This year i did not eat too much when my wife and i went to our older sons house for dinner(He has become a fantastic cook!) my wife says he learned to cook from me but i really think he is better than i am. well take care and best wishes to you and your lovely wife. Roger Walker

  10. SO no more blog? wow! That has got to be one of the most missed things in LIFE!!! i cannot count how many years i have enjoyed your blog! Not to mention all the laughs. I guess all good things have to come to an end even if we don’t want them to. All i can say is GOD bless and i hope you,your wife, and family nothing but the very best! Take care.

    1. IT’S NOT ENDING….I hope I didn’t mislead anyone….the blog continues…I HAVE TOO MUCH TO SAY…ha ha

  11. GREAT NEWS!!! That makes two birthday presents i got yours and a new much needed pair of hearing aids for my 63rd i know getting old! But i refuse to grow up! i am a very lucky and blessed man because my wife of 26 plus years keeps me young. we have been together as a couple for over thirty yrs and we first met in 1973. Best friends since then. How she has been able to put up with ME is beyond me!she is the greatest in my life.Glad to hear you are hanging in there! Love yer Blog Jay!

    1. well, congrats to you Roger. and i’m so happy that you found true love….I, luckily, did too. we are both very lucky men!!!

  12. Hey Jay! i know you kind of like the redskins so check out this guys lawn he has the Redskins seal all over his lawn,in fact it is his lawn! i found it on yahoo and knew you would like it!

  13. Where did you buy and order your split Redskins jersey from? I have been looking for one everywhere!!!!! PLEASE let me know!!

    1. funny story….I ordered it from China on one of those cheap jersey sites….they told me it was on the way, and guess what? never got it…..totally upset me…I wanted that SO BAD for the packer’s game…..now i’m going to try and find one for the Viking’s game coming up……if I find one, i’ll let you know, okay?

  14. Jay – Just fourd your blog today and have been lol at your jokes. I really enjoy your birthday lists and the other tidbits you put in. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it.

    1. thank you so much for the nice comments…yes, it takes awhile to do each blog, but I LOVE doing it…especially for people like you who really enjoy it….

  15. i have become More of a fan of the Redskins fan than i have been in years but this new propaganda about changing their name is the most stupid thing i have heard in my 63 years! I that man i DID NOT VOTE FOR in the white house should start any time on KEEPING his promises that he is yet to keep and leave any thing else alone! The Red skins have had this name for eighty years! why ALL of a sudden get in an up-roar and stink about it now!?

  16. Hi Jay, I’m the CIO of a nation-wide company and was actually searching for something totally unrelated to your blog, yet somehow your link came up. Just wanted to say that I am enjoying your posts. Kind regards –

  17. i can remember going to sleep listening to Kasey Kasem’s top 40 hits! Like you i hate saying good bye,but he will NOT be in pain anymore! Let us remember him as he was and as long as he is in our hearts he is NOT gone!, Just like your friend trevor, he is STILL smiling that same goofy smile because he is still thinking of YOU! Take care and remember there is some one in this world that is thinking of you and saying “yeah i look at him as a great friend! AND NO HE WILL NOT LEND YOU ANY MONEY!!!

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