let’s play a fun game……make sure to GET REGISTERED, then sign in and play with me.

i want everyone to name five schools and their team nickname……try not to name the same as the previous people have…..you can use schools which are still open, or schools that are closed.

here goes:

1. warner monarchs

2.  langford lions

3.  campbell-tintah cougars

4.  pierpont panthers

5.  hecla rockets

brown county fair

a few of you have talked to me on the phone, talked to me in person, or e-mailed me about the acts at the brown county fair……i am SUPERTHRILLED that Ronnie Milsap is coming here this year……he has had 40 NUMBER ONE HITS…..it will be an incredible show….

but what ever happened to the acts for us pop and rock fans…..long gone are the days of “joan jett”, “pat benetar”  “little river band”  “38 special” and others……i personally thought that “little river band”  and “38 special” were absolutely incredible at the fair…..

i think it’s time for us to start lobbying for another night of classic rock or classic pop…..here’s a list of acts that i would love to see at this year’s brown county fair….

huey lewis and the news

rick springfield

the go-go’s



wouldn’t any of these be great?  give me some more suggestions………

i told you so……..

WOW!!! WHAT A SUPERBOWL….i told a lot of people in the two week break before the super bowl that the giants were going to knock off the patriots……..you could just feel it in the air……part of me would have like to have seen the pats complete the perfect season, but part of me is nostalgic and wanted the 72 dolphins to be the only perfect team.  i used to love the 72 dolphins……bob griese, larry csonka, paul warfield, mercury morris and others…they were awesome…and i think this patriots team will go down in history as well, as one of the best teams ever……and now that the season is over, may i be the first to say…….


the world of politics

I AM A HUGE FAN OF POLITICS…in fact, if the truth be known, i would love to be the governor of south dakota sometime in the next 15 years……

while watching the President’s state of the union address the other night, i commented to my family, that our politicians are such hypocrites.  they applaud and stand everytime President Bush makes a point….they cheer….they scream…..they stand up again……  they pat him on the back on the way out…..they ask for his autograph on the way out….everything is peachy….


right after the address…..then you turn on the news channels and hear democrats and republicans ripping his message……they complain loudly about what a failure this man is, even though they were just giving him standing ovations 20 minutes earlier.

don’t misunderstand me, this is not about President Bush…….it’s about the respect we should have for the office of the presidency……and how politicians shouldn’t be hypocrites .  if you beleive strongly in something, stand up for it…..if you can’t stand the man, say so……but don’t get up and give him standing ovation after standing ovation, and then rip him to shreds after the speech……

it makes my very sad at what a cynical and sad society we’ve become.  we’re more consumed with tearing someone down, than doing the christian thing of “loving our neighbors.”  we’d rather see someone completely broken down and in pain, instead of flourishing…….

i sincerely hope we can turn this train around……

brittany spears

as a parent, i’m just sick for brittany spears…..she’s obviously on a course of destruction….frankly, i’m afraid she’s going to take her own life sometime soon….and i’m not the only one who feels that way.  some of her family members have been crying out for help for brittany before she takes her own life.

 my friends, being rich and being famous is not all it’s cracked up to be….(not that i would know, because i’m not famous, and i’m CERTAINLY not rich).  but we all envy the stars….we all envy their wealth and popularity.  brittany spears had the world by the tail three to five years ago, and now the world has her by the neck. 

i know that we use some “funny stories” and “jokes” about brittany on my morning party, but i vow, starting right now, that i won’t anymore until she gets better……if she was my kid, i’d be sick of the treatment she gets from the media.

as i told a friend of mine the other day…..let me bring brittany spears to south dakota and live with me and my wife and boys for a month.  being away from that “hell hole” known as hollywood, would do her wonders.  i GUARANTEE we could get her straightened out by experiencing the pleasures and the simple way of life in south dakota.

unfortunately, though, it may be too late for anything except one thing…..

our prayers for this young woman……..

okay, i give up…..

i give up….i have to admit that the new england patriots are the best team in football.  when scott and i did our “professional pigskin prognosticator program” picks this season, i picked against new england hoping they would win.

 even this sunday, i’m pulling for the new york giants to win the super bowl.  i’m just so doggone tired of hearing about new england…..i’m tired of hearing about tom brady, i’m tired of hearing about randy moss…..and i cannot STAND  bill bellicheck……

now that my rant is over…….

 the new england patriots are the best team of this year, and possibly the best team to ever play in the nfl……there i said it…..seriously, they are incredible……part of my nostolgic mind wants the 72 miami dolphins to be the only team to go undefeated and win the super bowl…..but, i will be proud to witness it if it happens on sunday……

if the new england patriots win the super bowl, they will go down as the best team to ever play in the nfl…..i’ve accepted it…..but it doesn’t mean that i like it……

speaking of schools….

let’s play a cool game……i’m going to tell you every school name and mascot where i went to school……then at the end, i’ll type in my favorite team name of a school that no longer exists……c’mon, play along!!!!

 when i was younger i was a :

britton brave

veblen cardinal

langford lion

campbell tintah cougar

favorite nickname of all?   the andover gorillas