who woulda thunk?

it’s funny how time treats you…..when i was a senior in high school back in good ole langford high school, i would have punched you in the nose if you would have said that in 2008 i’d be living in warner, cheering for the warner monarchs!!!!!!!   and now that we live here, i wouldn’t live anywhere else in the entire world……..great town, great people, great school, great community……sure didn’t think so back in 1982, though!!!!

award winning movie

this past weekend i had the opportunity to see “no country for old men”.  this movie won the “screen actor’s guild” movie of the year.  i thought it was a very very good movie, a little long in the middle, and it had an ending i didn’t understand.  what i’m wondering is, why don’t movies like “porky’s” end up in the academy awards?  ha ha

tell me what your favorite “academy award movie” of all time is….