In my most recent blog I mentioned my brother, Troy. Well, this past Sunday, Easter Sunday, my brother Troy turned 50….FIFTY!!!  And the cool thing?  We are both 50 for exactly one month.  That’s right folks.  For those of you keeping score at home, Troy was born ELEVEN MONTHS TO THE DAY after I was born….What the heck were my parents thinking?  HA HA…Anyway, Troy and I were like twins growing up. We did practically everything together.  here are a couple of pics of the birthday boy and his family…Mostly me…HA HA

Here is one of Troy with our awesome awesome awesome Grandma Ramsey.


Here we are in our matching sweaters.  NERDS…I am on the left, Troy is on  the right….Obviously….


Here I am trying to GENTLY rock my brother Troy. hee hee


And here we are with our baby brother, Trevor. 


I LOVE YOU, TROY…And I hope we have fifty more years together!!!




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This is exactly the way my wife and I are….probably you, too.


I saw this one around Easter and it cracked me up.


This one is dead on.


And, finally, a little “CHICKEN” humor.



2.  There has been a lot of talk about the fact that newsman Brian Williams exaggerated his personal news stories on TV.  Do you remember when newspeople actually REPORTED THE NEWS?  When they didn’t INFLICT THEIR OWN PERSONAL AGENDA IN EVERY STORY?  It drives me crazy.

When I think integrity in news, I have to go back to the 1970’s.  People like Walter Cronkite.  There was nobody better.

Walter Cronkite

And, who didn’t like the pair of David Brinkley and John Chancellor?


The days of real news are over.  It is only going to get worse.  Back then at least ONCE in awhile you got a “good news story.”  Today, watching news is depressing.  And they hit the same story OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.  They run stories into the ground.  I miss the old days.  They are a memory, and that’s all they will ever be.
3.  Want some candy?  I would LOVE to have about three pounds of these!!!


4. I made a huge mistake.  I made the mistake of letting my friends on Facebook know that i despise clowns.  I have always been “uneasy” around clowns, dating back to my younger days.  I used to love going to the circus, as long as the “evil clowns” stayed away from me.  I don’t know what it is, but they bother me greatly.  And, so, with that said, this is what my so called “friends” are sending me now.  HA HA….


5.  Speaking of the circus, the Shrine circus is in Aberdeen this weekend.  I have many memories of taking our boys to the circus when they were small.  Probably the greatest memory is spending all that money, and having our boys tell us that their favorite part of the circus is when the “elephants pooped.”  Yep, that’s what we were told.  Hilarious, huh?

6.  I’m so excited.  My Minnesota Wild hockey team made the playoffs!!!  They have been playing incredible hockey since they picked up their new goalie, Devan Dubnyk.  All I was asking for was a playoff appearance.  A CHANCE to show people what they can do.  You have it now Wild.  Work your butts off.  Show the whole league that you are worthy of winning the Stanley Cup. 


7.  They say that deaths “come in threes.”  Well, in the entertainment world, they did…Kind of….They were a couple of days apart on two of these.

First of all, “Roscoe P. Coltrane” from “The Dukes Of Hazzard” passed away.  Actor James Best was 88, and was busy portraying his famous character at autograph signings up until close to his death.



I had no idea that actor Geoffrey Lewis was the father of actress Juliette Lewis.  Makes sense now, but I never knew it before yesterday.  The actor Geoffrey Lewis died this week at the age of 79.  You probably most remember him as comic relief in some of Clint Eastwood’s movies including the 1978 smash, “Every Which Way But Loose.”




And, the great minister Dr. Robert Schuller died recently at the age of 88.  He was the host of the worldwide Sunday morning TV show “The Hour Of Power,” and he was the person that started the famous megachurch “The Crystal Cathedral.”  Unfortunately, in recent months and years, the Cathedral has gone bankrupt.




8.  OK, let’s talk horror films.  Believe it or not, I am a HUGE fan of the horror movie genre.  In fact, both of my boys are too.  There is a new low budget horror movie called “It Follows” which is out in select theaters.  The movie is in limited release, yet made the top ten it’s first week out.  And by the way, critics are raving about this movie.  And, this is unheard of.  “Rotten Tomatoes” website has given the movie a 95….A 95…They never do that.  Well, my boys saw it last week in Madison, Wisconsin, and said it was every bit as promised and more.  Now, I need to see it.  I am seriously pondering driving to Sioux Falls or Fargo to see it in the theater. My wife will think I’m out of my head.  I am one of those guys that has to see a horror movie in the theaters.  TV is fine for a second viewing, but the first one MUST be in the theater.


9.  Speaking of horror movies, I was up wide awake the other night.  (See the funnies at the top of the page.)  And what movie was on?  “PHANTASM.”  My brother Troy and I first saw the movie in 1980, while lying on the floor of our aunt and uncle’s house in Redfield, SD.  Isn’t that crazy that I can remember where I first saw it?  I remember that the “tall man” in the movie scared us to death.  The premise is kind of cheesy, but the movie was horrific. 



Now I hear word that “Phantasm 5″ is coming out.  Yeah, FIVE…Plus some of the original actors are in number five.  Even the character “the tall man” is back for number five.  Let’s see what they look like today.

Actor Angus Scimm played “the tall man”, or the leader of the funeral home.  YUCK….That in itself is scary.



Angus is now 88 years old.  (He is the third 88 year old I’ve featured on the blog today.)


Actor and singer Reggie Bannister played “Reggie” in all of the movies.  Wow, must have been hard to remember his characters name.  He is now 69 years old.


WonderCon Anaheim 2013 - Day 1

And, actor A. Michael Baldwin played, you guessed it, “MIKE” in all of the movies except “Phantasm 2″.  He is now 52.



Looks like someone is going to have to order the “Phantasm” box set on DVD and watch them again before number FIVE comes out.


A football coach walked into the locker room before a game, looked over to his star player and said, “I’m not supposed to let you play since you failed math, but we need you in there. So what I have to do is ask you a math question, and if you get it right, you can play.” The player agreed, and the coach looked into his eyes intently and asks, “Okay, now concentrate… what is two plus two?” The player thought for a moment and then he answered, “4?” “Did you say 4?!?” the coach exclaimed, excited that he got it right. At that, all the other players on the team began screaming, “Come on coach, give him another chance!”


You are on a horse, galloping at a constant speed. On your right side is a sharp drop off, and on your left side is an elephant traveling at the same speed as you. Directly in front of you is another galloping horse but your horse is unable to overtake it. Behind you is a lion running at the same speed as you and the horse in front of you. What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation? Get your drunk butt off the merry-go-round!!!!!






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I have always respected and loved George Strait.  And even more now.  (Even though he didn’t REALLY say this.)


Sometimes I find one that completely cracks me up.  THIS IS ONE OF THEM.


Ummm…I can think of a few roads around here where this could happen already!!


And, just in time for Easter!!


We need to have more fun with hit songs like this.


2.  I had a good laugh early early this morning.  Like 2AM early.  I couldn’t sleep so I was up watching ESPN when one of the guys delivered one of the funniest likes I have heard in a long time.  He was talking about a play from a game that day and he said, “that was UGLY.  I mean Aunt Esther ugly.”  Of course, referring to the lady from “Sanford And Son.”


Fred Sanford, played by Redd Foxx, always talked about “old ugly Aunt Esther.”  I thought that was a hilarious reference on ESPN.

3.  Kudos to actor Vin Diesel.  He starred with actor Paul Walker in all of those “Fast And Furious” movies, up until Paul Walker was tragically killed in November of 2013.  Vin loved Paul.  And he did something a few days ago that touched everyones heart.  He named his new baby girl in honor of his friend Paul.  Her name?  PAULINE.  That, my friends, is totally awesome.


4.  I have been fairly impressed in recent months with the influx of Christian movies in the theaters.  Usually we have to wait YEARS to get one, and now, another one is out.  We have seen the likes of “God’s Not Dead”, and “Heaven Is For Real”, and now there’s a new one called “Do You Believe?”


I don’t know much about it yet, but I have seen reviews where critics say it’s the best Christian movie they have EVER seen.  I can’t wait to see it.

5.  I have always had a crush on Valerie Bert-N-Ernie.  I mean, BERTINELLI.  When I was young, I had her pictures on my wall because I had a huge crush.  Especially this one.  Didn’t know she’s a Washington Redskins fan.  That makes her even MORE beautiful!!!


6.  Last night after the Minnesota Wild game, I turned to our movie channels and guess what was on?  “Mississippi Burning.” 


If you have never seen this movie about segregation in our country, you need to see this.  Frankly, I am embarrassed that something like this actually happened in our country.  It’s pathetic!!  I may be blind, but I don’t think it happens to this length anymore.  At least I PRAY it doesn’t.  Great movie….a real “eye opener.”

7.  Speaking of the Minnesota Wild, they are officially the “hottest team in the NHL” right now.  They are playing fantastic hockey, and are peaking at the perfect time, right before the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  GO WILD!!!

Erik Haula

I heard a story on the radio the other day about how awesome Zach Parise is.  He apparently had a home on the market in the Twin Cities, and PULLED it off the market when the Wild signed their hot new goaltender Devan Dubnyk.  Parise pulled it off the market so that Devan and his family had a home to stay in.  What a class act!!



8.  There seems to be a lot of optimism with our Minnesota Twins.  Torii Hunter is back.  New coach in Paul Molitor.  I hope that our favorite team does better than previous years.  Another 90-100 loss year and they are going to have fans jumping ship TREMENDOUSLY. 



9.  Remember this guy?


That’s 70’s teenage heartthrob Tony Defranco, from the group, “Tony Defranco And The Defranco Family.”  They had a couple of huge huge hits in the early 70’s. 




The band was still on tour last year.  I don’t know if they are touring this summer or not.  Tony Defranco is a big time realtor out in Hollywood today.  He is now 55 years old.  Here is what he looks like today, and what his family looks like today. 



And now, THE MUSIC.  I will never get tired of listening to this song. 

Or this one!!!


Two brooms are getting married. Before the ceremony, the bride broom says to the groom broom, “I think I’m going to have a whisk broom..”

The groom broom says, “How can that be? We haven’t even swept together!”




It was brought to my attention that I forgot a couple of key figures in my “Night Court” salute in the previous blog.  Truth is, I thought about them but didn’t act on it.  But, I should have, because they were key characters for awhile.  Let’s check them out. 

****Including a SPOOKY similarity about these two!!!

Actress Selma Diamond played bailiff Selma Hacker when the show started.  Her raspy voice smart-alec comments were a building block for the show.  Selma and “Bull” played by Richard Moll played off of each other incredibly well.

Mutt and Jeff

Selma Diamond was an original cast member, and passed away from lung cancer at the age of 64 while still on the show.

Now comes the creepy similarity.

Selma Diamond’s replacement was an actress by the name of Florence Halop.  She played “Florence Kleiner” on the show. 


The similarity?  Florence Halop died of LUNG CANCER at the age of 63 around a year after Selma’s death.  TWO ACTRESSES, TWO BAILIFF’S, FROM THE SAME SHOW, DEAD IN A LITTLE OVER A YEAR OF THE SAME ILLNESS.  Isn’t that wild?

Selma Diamond, by the way, was a very creative show writer in her younger years.  She wrote for “Ozzie & Harriet”, Sid Caesar’s “The Show Of Shows”, and many others.

093 Hillside Selma Diamond DSC_3879X

Florence Halop was also an actress years before “Night Court.”  Check out this beautiful picture of a very young Florence Halop.



So, there you go.  Two more cast members of a great show. 


I’M BACK…..and I’m LOVING this weather…Highs in the 50’s and 60’s all week long…..


Sorry, you’re ALREADY dead to me!!!

It’s daylight savings time. Never quite understood why we do it.  And really never understood how some parts of the country DON’T switch their clock around…..

Anyway, this wise old native American hits it right on the head!!


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I’m a history fan, but I never quite thought of it like this!


Wait a minute!  I think I’ve seen this woman!!




This one hits close to home…REALLY CLOSE…


This one is great for us who are 100 percent Norwegian….I despise the stuff….


And finally…..


2.  I know it’s coming soon.  And I’m not ready for it.  Our favorite TV show, “Justified” is in it’s final season.  And, I believe we’re down to the last three or four episodes.  I have never had a show make me sad when it ended.  But this one does.  I wish there was some “write in” campaign that would keep it on, but it’s not possible.  Oh well, I have almost all of the box sets.  I’ll have to keep them handy. And a box of Kleenex.



3.  I am a huge fan of the hit TV show “Family Guy.”


However, after this past Sunday night’s episode, I think it’s time for a letter to the show creator, Seth MacFarlane.

Dear Seth,

First of all, let me tell you that I am a HUGE fan of “Family Guy.”  But, I have some reservations after watching this past Sunday night’s show.  If these are all the ideas that you can come up with, maybe it’s time to gracefully head off into the sunset, and let the Griffin family go by the wayside.  Seriously?  Stewie the baby getting PREGNANT by Brian the dog?  And then having little human/dog puppies?  A baby in the stirrups at the Doctor’s office?  I don’t know, man.  You have had some brilliant plot lines for this show, but this past weekend was just an all time low.  I know that it’s great to “shock” your viewers once in awhile, but not like this.  And, I have never ever appreciated the slams on Christianity.  But that’s your freedom to say things and believe what you want.  it’s also my freedom to switch channels and delete the  show.  Anyway, Seth, you are a brilliant mind.  You are an extremely talented young man.  Maybe the movies are calling.  Maybe “Family Guy” needs to join “The Cleveland Show” in syndication. 

Yours truly,


4.  NFL NEWS!!!  It’s one of my favorite days in the NFL year.  It’s FREE AGENCY day.  By the time some of you read this, dozens and dozens of players will have changed teams.  In fact, some of your favorite players probably won’t be on your favorite team by the end of this week. 

But, in other NFL news, there was a couple of young artists who developed new helmets for NFL teams.  Keep in mind, that these will never be used, but I wish they would be used!!  Check out a couple of these. 

Here is the Washington Redskins newly designed helmet. 



These are for you Minnesota Viking’s fans!!



I LOVE that last Viking’s helmet! Even though I’m not a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, I think that their newly redesigned helmet is one of the coolest!


I wish the NFL would step out of the box, and use some kick butt wild uniforms and helmets.  At least two or three times a year.  Just stop letting Pittsburgh wear their “retro” uniform.  YUCK…It feels like they will STING their opponents instead of tackle them!


5.  I have never been a fan of Lady Gaga.  But after a few recent events, I definitely respect her more.

First of all, she has a new duet album out with the ultra-cool Tony Bennett.  They performed a song on the Grammy’s and MAN, was that good!!

Lady Gaga also appeared on the Oscar’s and KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!  She did a salute to the movie “The Sound Of Music” and it was outstanding. 

Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney also participated in a Polar Plunge in Michigan.  That is a very honorable thing to do.  She helped out charity while freezing her behind off.


And finally, it was announced that Lady Gaga will be the star of next season’s “American Horror Story” which will be based in a hotel….CAN’T WAIT…


You keep up this cool stuff Miss Gaga, and I may have to give your music another listen to.

6.  I have always loved the TV show “Night Court.”  And periodically, when I’m heading off to bed, I hit it just perfect to watch an episode on one of our channels.  My wife doesn’t think that the comedy of the show works today, but I think it still does.  It cracks me up each time I watch it.  They had a pretty great cast assembled for this show.


I thought it would be fun to update you on the stars of “Night Court.”  A couple of these pictures are two or three years old.

First of all, Harry Anderson played “Judge Harry Stone.”  He is now 62 years old.


The beautiful Markie Post played “Christine Sullivan” on the show, and even though I think I featured her recently, she’s gorgeous enough to be featured again.  Markie is now 64.  And still a KNOCKOUT.


John Larroquette played the perverted lawyer “Dan Fielding.”  He played this character to a tee!  John is now 67 years old.


Actor Richard Moll played “Bull Shannon” the bailiff.  I either didn’t know this, or forgot, but his real name on the show was Nostradamus “Bull” Shannon.  Richard is now 72.

8th Annual TV Land Awards

Marsha Warfield played the sassy “Rosalind “ROZ” Russell”.  She is now 61.


And, Charles Robinson played “Mac Robinson”.  Shouldn’t have been too hard to remember the character’s last name.  Charles is now 69.


Let’s end our tribute with the theme song to “Night Court.”


(Just in time for baseball season)


BASEBALL IN THE BIBLE. “In the big inning, Eve stole first, Adam stole second, Cain struck out Abel, and the Giants and the Angels were rained out.”




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1.  LET’S START OUT THE BLOG WITH SOME HILARITY! I have to admit.  I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw this one. Funny-bulletin-board-notes06


Sounds like someone is having a RUFF day. 62208_404816512924822_762703206_n


This next one may come back to haunt me…ha ha! 1536525_10153028421998605_3426259744060393103_n

And, one more “musical funny.” 10945630_10152979858153605_5690007575648492705_n

2.  We, unfortunately begin our blog with some sad entertainment news. First of all, the singer of one of the most popular songs of the 1960’s has died.  Lesley Gore died at the age of 68 from cancer.  You will remember her from a million selling record from 1963. lesley-gore-its-my-party-mercury-4 13586344_ori

Here is Lesley Gore in recent years. 4e6c8cf9911cfcdbccaa7adce1013f5c4a8c688f MTE1ODA0OTcxOTA4MDQwMjA1 And now, sing along with the song that made her a household name!  “It’s My Party”. http://youtu.be/mIsnIt1p978

3.  Also, that wonderful voice from “Laugh-In” has died.  Gary Owens was 80 when he passed away a few days ago.  Did you know this trivia bit?  Gary Owens was born in…..MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA…That’s right.   His name was Gary Altman.  His father was the county sheriff, and his mother was the county auditor.     14owens-obit-blog427

On the hit TV show, “Laugh-In”, you would hear Gary Owens utter such phrases as “You bet your sweet bippy”, “sock it to me”, and many many more.  Many celebrities said the words “sock it to me” as well, including then Presidential candidate Richard Nixon!! Gary Owens went on to voice dozens and dozens of cartoons and other narrations.  He was the voice of “Space Ghost.” batman-bold-beginnings-space-ghost

He was also the voice of “Powdered Toast Man” on the show “Ren And Stimpy.”  You can see his character in the upper right of this photo. the_ren_and_stimpy_show_by_stingroll-d4ohscv

Here are a couple of later year photos of the great Gary Owens.  As a former radio guy myself, I will say this.  He had an INCREDIBLE voice!!  Here he is doing his famous “cupping of the ear.”  That’s a radio thing to hear ourselves better. tv memories stamp 120809 54e25177ce0d6_image

4.  The movie “Fifty Shades Of Gray” is out in theaters.  It’s a movie that I WILL NEVER SEE!  My wife doesn’t want to go either.  If you know the plot, it’s a very sexual movie about bondage and other fantasies. David Letterman had a great line last night. “Fifty Shades Of Gray dominated the box office over the weekend.  And the box office LIKED IT.” I’m going to miss Dave when he’s gone.

5.  Since we last talked, we saw the Grammy’s and the “SNL 40th Anniversary Show.”  I will begin by talking about the Grammy’s. FIVE THINGS I LEARNED FROM THE GRAMMY’S!!

1.  Jeff Lynne and the “Electric Light Orchestra” can still BRING IT, BABY!!!  I have wanted to see these guys “live” for decades, and come hell and high water, I will do it when they tour this summer.  ELO was incredible on the Grammy’s. I couldn’t find a clean video of the Grammy performance. But here is Jeff Lynne and ELO last year performing the song that they did on the Grammy’s with Ed Sheeran. http://youtu.be/LMY5xe36cfE

2.  AC/DC was the PERFECT way to open the show.  MAN, DID THEY ROCK!! They are another band who has gone thru a lot and still KICKS BUTT. http://youtu.be/g-DeEaL9_BM

3.  Kanye West needs to sit down and SHUT UP.  This guys antics are getting so ridiculous.  You may remember that Kanye upstaged Taylor Swift a couple of years back because he thing Beyonce should have won the award.  Well, the idiot did it again this year to singer Beck.  09KANYEWEB-tmagArticle

And then the next day he griped about artistry in music.  He seems to think that only he and Beyonce have talent in the business.  And then there’s poor Beck.  From what I hear, he played every single instrument on his album.  Hmm…That sounds fairly talented!

4.  If I would have heard “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith one more time, I may have thrown something at the TV.  Do I like that song?  YES…The first 1,000 times that I heard it!

5.  Probably the most unlikely duo in music kicked tail pretty well.  I would have NEVER put Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett together, but they did a bang up job!  They even have an album together. cheektocheek-standard

6.  And now onto the masterpiece that was “Saturday Night Live’s 40TH Anniversary Special.” snl-40th-thumb   I didn’t know how this show would do, but it was AMAZING.  Here are a few of the highlights that I loved. ****The entire cast from that night saluted Lorne Michaels, the creator of the show. And they should.  Forty years is an incredibly long time to do anything, including a TV show.  There are only a couple of years that Lorne didn’t take care of the show in the current capacity. 25B90E9700000578-2951083-image-a-2_1424087699655

****I loved how they implemented some of the big stars in some “live” sketches that night.  Especially “The Californians.”  I love that skit.  My wife doesn’t care for it.  Betty White making an appearance was hilarious.  Also Jane Curtin was welcomed back to the news desk with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. nup-167413-1727-jpg

****I absolutely loved Dan Aykroyd coming back and doing his “Super Bass-O-Matic” ad “LIVE” on the show. 25B8772B00000578-2951083-Fishy_Veteran_comic_Dan_Aykroyd_was_in_the_first_sketch_of_the_n-a-11_1424082163988

****Eddie Murphy was HORRIBLE.  I didn’t quite get why Chris Rock did what felt like a 10 minute ego boosting interview for Eddie.  And then Eddie came out and BOMBED for 73 seconds.  Didn’t make sense to me.  I realize that he hadn’t been on the show for 32 years or so.  But, if I was some of the older cast members, I would have been torked at the way they glorified Eddie.

****Emma Stone did a hilarious take on Gilda Radner’s character “Roseanne Rosedannadanna.”  Some critics are dissing her, but I liked it.  Also Edward Norton did a bang up job as “Stefan.”  Overall the show was great!!!   I am not buying too many more DVD’S anymore, but this one will absolutely become a part of my collection.

7.  This ISIS and other terrorist crap has to be stopped!!  Just like you, my stomach turns every time I turn on the news and see new “beheadings” taking place.  And they do it all in the name of religion.  Hmmm…My religion doesn’t order me to kill people.  My religion suggests that I love everybody!  That’s quite a difference between the two.  I am hoping that quite a few countries band together and end this threat.  Otherwise, I hate to even think how this thing could end up.

8.  I can’t believe that Ash Wednesday is tomorrow already!  The Lenten season is upon us.  I just can’t believe how fast times flies as you get older.  My parents always said it and we made fun of them for saying that.  it’s not so funny anymore.


Bobby was sitting on the porch talking to his Grandpa when he innocently asked, “Grandpa, do you know how to make animal sounds?” “I sure do” Grandpa replied. “What sort of animal sound would you like to hear?” “How about a toad? Do you know how to sound like a toad?” “Sure”, said Grandpa, cupping his hand to his mouth, “croaaak croaaak, how did you like that?!” “Yipee!” screamed Bobby jumping up and down, “We are going to Miami!” “Huh?” Questioned Grandpa. “Why’s that?” “Because Grandma said so,” Bobby patiently explained, “she said that after you croak we’ll all go to Miami!”


Little Bob went with his mom to church every Sunday. One morning in the middle of the service Bob complained that he was feeling a bit queasy and was afraid he was going to puke. “No problem dear,” whispered his Mom in his ear, “just head on over to the bathroom on the other side of the Church, and take care of it there.” Thirty seconds later Bob came back. “Did you go to the bathroom?” question his Mom. “No need” responded Bob. “Right outside the door was a big box with a sign next to it ‘for the sick’, so I just did it in there!”




THANK YOU MR. ANIMAL…. funny-wolf-mad-winter-groundhog-said The funny thing is this.  We are going to have at least six more weeks of winter no matter WHAT the groundhog says.  Ha ha. 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I don’t quite think this is what the phrase means. cc15 AAH…THEY’RE ALREADY HERE!! 10945618_10205699188655814_1129716407945753385_n Awww…isn’t this special? 10491239_679866482121826_4816499212119433555_n He is REALLY going to get grouchy. oscar “One of these things just doesn’t belong here”. untitled And finally, a little musical humor. 10922625_848306665230027_7000496413597582281_n 2.  They say that everybody in the world has a “twin” somewhere.  I was told that a few years ago there was a Pastor in Minnesota that looked exactly like me.  Scary, huh?  Well, a few people have taken pictures of people that look like famous people.  See what you think. Ummm…This would NOT be the look I’d be going for. 37 How about a lookalike for Tom Hanks? 58 This next one is not the best in my opinion, but it’s still pretty good.  A little Morgan Freeman, maybe? 68 “Live long and prosper.”  This Spock lookalike maybe doesn’t understand that he’s being photographed. 98 OK…This next one is dead on….no pun intended.  Abraham Lincoln. 148 And finally, a cutie for the kids.  Doesn’t this kid look like Dora The Explorer? 88 3.  Another Super Bowl is history!  And this year, it went my way.  The New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks in dramatic fashion.  It all came down to one of the final plays of the game. Seattle was at the one or two yard line, and if they scored a touchdown, they would most likely win the game.  So, they hand off to Beastmode, Marshawn Lynch, right?  NOPE….Instead they make the call that people are calling the DUMBEST play in the history of the Super Bowl.  They elect to pass from the one of two yard line, and guess what?  INTERCEPTED BY ROOKIE MALCOLM BUTLER.  nfl_a_butler01jr_B_576x324 It was truly a fantastic football game.  Much better than last year’s Seattle-Denver debacle.  You have to admit that Tom Brady now cements himself in the conversation for best quarterback of all time.  he has won four Super Bowls, and has won the MVP three times.  Plus, he’s been in a total of SIX Super Bowls.  Pretty amazing stuff. 4.  Well, because of the “dumbest play in history”, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is getting pounded by the media, fans, and social media.  In fact, there are fans in Seattle calling for his head!  That seems a little crazy to actually fire the guy over one play.  Anyway, social media has come up with some pretty creative memes about the game.  Check these out. 10345560_870202446359778_6960611459788402851_n 10460864_870190429694313_809041764347348818_o 10690132_10205697266487761_939575871612500631_n 10847327_870870789626277_1775001196648653742_o And, my TWO personal favorites. 10958843_10205982525581667_4252927657728644583_n 10917178_870648162981873_4434371057416389060_o I am not a Pete Carroll fan whatsoever, so the last two amused me. 5.  When I picked New England to win, it wasn’t because I am a big Patriots fan.  It was basically the “least of two evils” as to why I picked the Patriots.  I highly respect Tom Brady, and I dislike greatly Richard Sherman and Pete Carroll. With that said, I am a huge fan of Russell Wilson.  The Seahawks quarterback is a classy, classy individual.  I highly respect him and the game he plays.  He made a comment after the game that made me an even bigger fan of who he is. 10257279_10205697198806069_5640552356211197310_o 6.  Millions of people watch the big game, not for the football, but for the commercials.  I would have to say that this year’s batch was pretty underwhelming.  it didn’t help when they let people watch the commercials online weeks before the game.  STUPID!!  It took all the fun out of watching some of them.  A lot of people know that I’m a big softy.  When it comes to my boys, nothing stands in the way of my relationship with them.  So, the two or three commercials about Dad and his kids about tore me apart.  I don’t remember the last time a commercial made me tear up.  But, those weren’t my favorites.  My favorite was the Bud Light “human Pac Man” commercial.  I WOULD LOVE TO PLAY THAT. bc84937b-3dab-4a6b-a0a2-6c85a88e05bf_FlIKjUghXJQLIcOB_uv5nMk3GyLjLLlQk-gpkeKJgIk I am seriously hoping that this game becomes a reality, and maybe goes on tour in certain places where we can play it.  All of us who grew up with Pac Man would be in “video game heaven” playing this. 7.  Tattoos can be awesome.  They can also be devastating.  Take this guy, for example. 10420327_10205697214166453_4992711198082989512_n WHOOPSY DAISY.  It kind of looks like the 2015 is written in ink.  If not, it’s the “bonehead decision of the year” so far. And now with the Super Bowl over, I can go back to what I do best.  BASHING THE DALLAS COWBOYS!!! 10360192_10205689613776448_5257775366181837033_n 8.  And now onto some sad Hollywood news. **** Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s 21 year old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is currently fighting for her life.  She was found face down in her bathtub a couple of days ago.  If that sends shivers down your spine, it should.  It’s the same place that her Mom died.  Our best thoughts and prayers go out to her. ****You could see this coming a mile away.  The late great Robin Williams’s wife and children are fighting over his money and possessions.  It makes me sad to see the fighting and feuding after someone like Robin has spent his life working his tail off to take care of his family.  Hopefully something peaceful will happen.  I’m not holding my breath on that one. 9.  Is Bruce Jenner transforming into a woman?  We will find out shortly.  He apparently has a “tell all” interview coming up with Diane Sawyer.  There have been numerous pictures of him recently suggest that he might, indeed, be doing this. bruce-jenner_0 This is quite a shock for all of us that remember his “star days.”  I would imagine the women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are probably crushed the most. reg_634_oly_jenner_mh_070612 Yep.  He was quite the “manly man.” 10.  JOKE OF THE DAY: Two drunks are walking along. One drunk says to the other, “What a beautiful night, look at the moon.” The other drunk stops and looks at his drunk friend. “You’re wrong, that’s not the moon, that’s the sun.” They began to argue when they come upon another drunk. They asked, “Sir, could you please help settle our argument? Tell us what that thing is up in the sky that’s shining. Is it the moon or the sun?” The third drunk looked at the sky and said, “Sorry, I don’t live around here.” HAVE A GREAT WEEK, MY FRIENDS! JAY DEAN