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1.  LET’S START OUT THE BLOG WITH SOME HILARITY! I have to admit.  I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw this one. Funny-bulletin-board-notes06


Sounds like someone is having a RUFF day. 62208_404816512924822_762703206_n


This next one may come back to haunt me…ha ha! 1536525_10153028421998605_3426259744060393103_n

And, one more “musical funny.” 10945630_10152979858153605_5690007575648492705_n

2.  We, unfortunately begin our blog with some sad entertainment news. First of all, the singer of one of the most popular songs of the 1960’s has died.  Lesley Gore died at the age of 68 from cancer.  You will remember her from a million selling record from 1963. lesley-gore-its-my-party-mercury-4 13586344_ori

Here is Lesley Gore in recent years. 4e6c8cf9911cfcdbccaa7adce1013f5c4a8c688f MTE1ODA0OTcxOTA4MDQwMjA1 And now, sing along with the song that made her a household name!  “It’s My Party”. http://youtu.be/mIsnIt1p978

3.  Also, that wonderful voice from “Laugh-In” has died.  Gary Owens was 80 when he passed away a few days ago.  Did you know this trivia bit?  Gary Owens was born in…..MITCHELL, SOUTH DAKOTA…That’s right.   His name was Gary Altman.  His father was the county sheriff, and his mother was the county auditor.     14owens-obit-blog427

On the hit TV show, “Laugh-In”, you would hear Gary Owens utter such phrases as “You bet your sweet bippy”, “sock it to me”, and many many more.  Many celebrities said the words “sock it to me” as well, including then Presidential candidate Richard Nixon!! Gary Owens went on to voice dozens and dozens of cartoons and other narrations.  He was the voice of “Space Ghost.” batman-bold-beginnings-space-ghost

He was also the voice of “Powdered Toast Man” on the show “Ren And Stimpy.”  You can see his character in the upper right of this photo. the_ren_and_stimpy_show_by_stingroll-d4ohscv

Here are a couple of later year photos of the great Gary Owens.  As a former radio guy myself, I will say this.  He had an INCREDIBLE voice!!  Here he is doing his famous “cupping of the ear.”  That’s a radio thing to hear ourselves better. tv memories stamp 120809 54e25177ce0d6_image

4.  The movie “Fifty Shades Of Gray” is out in theaters.  It’s a movie that I WILL NEVER SEE!  My wife doesn’t want to go either.  If you know the plot, it’s a very sexual movie about bondage and other fantasies. David Letterman had a great line last night. “Fifty Shades Of Gray dominated the box office over the weekend.  And the box office LIKED IT.” I’m going to miss Dave when he’s gone.

5.  Since we last talked, we saw the Grammy’s and the “SNL 40th Anniversary Show.”  I will begin by talking about the Grammy’s. FIVE THINGS I LEARNED FROM THE GRAMMY’S!!

1.  Jeff Lynne and the “Electric Light Orchestra” can still BRING IT, BABY!!!  I have wanted to see these guys “live” for decades, and come hell and high water, I will do it when they tour this summer.  ELO was incredible on the Grammy’s. I couldn’t find a clean video of the Grammy performance. But here is Jeff Lynne and ELO last year performing the song that they did on the Grammy’s with Ed Sheeran. http://youtu.be/LMY5xe36cfE

2.  AC/DC was the PERFECT way to open the show.  MAN, DID THEY ROCK!! They are another band who has gone thru a lot and still KICKS BUTT. http://youtu.be/g-DeEaL9_BM

3.  Kanye West needs to sit down and SHUT UP.  This guys antics are getting so ridiculous.  You may remember that Kanye upstaged Taylor Swift a couple of years back because he thing Beyonce should have won the award.  Well, the idiot did it again this year to singer Beck.  09KANYEWEB-tmagArticle

And then the next day he griped about artistry in music.  He seems to think that only he and Beyonce have talent in the business.  And then there’s poor Beck.  From what I hear, he played every single instrument on his album.  Hmm…That sounds fairly talented!

4.  If I would have heard “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith one more time, I may have thrown something at the TV.  Do I like that song?  YES…The first 1,000 times that I heard it!

5.  Probably the most unlikely duo in music kicked tail pretty well.  I would have NEVER put Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett together, but they did a bang up job!  They even have an album together. cheektocheek-standard

6.  And now onto the masterpiece that was “Saturday Night Live’s 40TH Anniversary Special.” snl-40th-thumb   I didn’t know how this show would do, but it was AMAZING.  Here are a few of the highlights that I loved. ****The entire cast from that night saluted Lorne Michaels, the creator of the show. And they should.  Forty years is an incredibly long time to do anything, including a TV show.  There are only a couple of years that Lorne didn’t take care of the show in the current capacity. 25B90E9700000578-2951083-image-a-2_1424087699655

****I loved how they implemented some of the big stars in some “live” sketches that night.  Especially “The Californians.”  I love that skit.  My wife doesn’t care for it.  Betty White making an appearance was hilarious.  Also Jane Curtin was welcomed back to the news desk with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. nup-167413-1727-jpg

****I absolutely loved Dan Aykroyd coming back and doing his “Super Bass-O-Matic” ad “LIVE” on the show. 25B8772B00000578-2951083-Fishy_Veteran_comic_Dan_Aykroyd_was_in_the_first_sketch_of_the_n-a-11_1424082163988

****Eddie Murphy was HORRIBLE.  I didn’t quite get why Chris Rock did what felt like a 10 minute ego boosting interview for Eddie.  And then Eddie came out and BOMBED for 73 seconds.  Didn’t make sense to me.  I realize that he hadn’t been on the show for 32 years or so.  But, if I was some of the older cast members, I would have been torked at the way they glorified Eddie.

****Emma Stone did a hilarious take on Gilda Radner’s character “Roseanne Rosedannadanna.”  Some critics are dissing her, but I liked it.  Also Edward Norton did a bang up job as “Stefan.”  Overall the show was great!!!   I am not buying too many more DVD’S anymore, but this one will absolutely become a part of my collection.

7.  This ISIS and other terrorist crap has to be stopped!!  Just like you, my stomach turns every time I turn on the news and see new “beheadings” taking place.  And they do it all in the name of religion.  Hmmm…My religion doesn’t order me to kill people.  My religion suggests that I love everybody!  That’s quite a difference between the two.  I am hoping that quite a few countries band together and end this threat.  Otherwise, I hate to even think how this thing could end up.

8.  I can’t believe that Ash Wednesday is tomorrow already!  The Lenten season is upon us.  I just can’t believe how fast times flies as you get older.  My parents always said it and we made fun of them for saying that.  it’s not so funny anymore.


Bobby was sitting on the porch talking to his Grandpa when he innocently asked, “Grandpa, do you know how to make animal sounds?” “I sure do” Grandpa replied. “What sort of animal sound would you like to hear?” “How about a toad? Do you know how to sound like a toad?” “Sure”, said Grandpa, cupping his hand to his mouth, “croaaak croaaak, how did you like that?!” “Yipee!” screamed Bobby jumping up and down, “We are going to Miami!” “Huh?” Questioned Grandpa. “Why’s that?” “Because Grandma said so,” Bobby patiently explained, “she said that after you croak we’ll all go to Miami!”


Little Bob went with his mom to church every Sunday. One morning in the middle of the service Bob complained that he was feeling a bit queasy and was afraid he was going to puke. “No problem dear,” whispered his Mom in his ear, “just head on over to the bathroom on the other side of the Church, and take care of it there.” Thirty seconds later Bob came back. “Did you go to the bathroom?” question his Mom. “No need” responded Bob. “Right outside the door was a big box with a sign next to it ‘for the sick’, so I just did it in there!”




THANK YOU MR. ANIMAL…. funny-wolf-mad-winter-groundhog-said The funny thing is this.  We are going to have at least six more weeks of winter no matter WHAT the groundhog says.  Ha ha. 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I don’t quite think this is what the phrase means. cc15 AAH…THEY’RE ALREADY HERE!! 10945618_10205699188655814_1129716407945753385_n Awww…isn’t this special? 10491239_679866482121826_4816499212119433555_n He is REALLY going to get grouchy. oscar “One of these things just doesn’t belong here”. untitled And finally, a little musical humor. 10922625_848306665230027_7000496413597582281_n 2.  They say that everybody in the world has a “twin” somewhere.  I was told that a few years ago there was a Pastor in Minnesota that looked exactly like me.  Scary, huh?  Well, a few people have taken pictures of people that look like famous people.  See what you think. Ummm…This would NOT be the look I’d be going for. 37 How about a lookalike for Tom Hanks? 58 This next one is not the best in my opinion, but it’s still pretty good.  A little Morgan Freeman, maybe? 68 “Live long and prosper.”  This Spock lookalike maybe doesn’t understand that he’s being photographed. 98 OK…This next one is dead on….no pun intended.  Abraham Lincoln. 148 And finally, a cutie for the kids.  Doesn’t this kid look like Dora The Explorer? 88 3.  Another Super Bowl is history!  And this year, it went my way.  The New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks in dramatic fashion.  It all came down to one of the final plays of the game. Seattle was at the one or two yard line, and if they scored a touchdown, they would most likely win the game.  So, they hand off to Beastmode, Marshawn Lynch, right?  NOPE….Instead they make the call that people are calling the DUMBEST play in the history of the Super Bowl.  They elect to pass from the one of two yard line, and guess what?  INTERCEPTED BY ROOKIE MALCOLM BUTLER.  nfl_a_butler01jr_B_576x324 It was truly a fantastic football game.  Much better than last year’s Seattle-Denver debacle.  You have to admit that Tom Brady now cements himself in the conversation for best quarterback of all time.  he has won four Super Bowls, and has won the MVP three times.  Plus, he’s been in a total of SIX Super Bowls.  Pretty amazing stuff. 4.  Well, because of the “dumbest play in history”, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is getting pounded by the media, fans, and social media.  In fact, there are fans in Seattle calling for his head!  That seems a little crazy to actually fire the guy over one play.  Anyway, social media has come up with some pretty creative memes about the game.  Check these out. 10345560_870202446359778_6960611459788402851_n 10460864_870190429694313_809041764347348818_o 10690132_10205697266487761_939575871612500631_n 10847327_870870789626277_1775001196648653742_o And, my TWO personal favorites. 10958843_10205982525581667_4252927657728644583_n 10917178_870648162981873_4434371057416389060_o I am not a Pete Carroll fan whatsoever, so the last two amused me. 5.  When I picked New England to win, it wasn’t because I am a big Patriots fan.  It was basically the “least of two evils” as to why I picked the Patriots.  I highly respect Tom Brady, and I dislike greatly Richard Sherman and Pete Carroll. With that said, I am a huge fan of Russell Wilson.  The Seahawks quarterback is a classy, classy individual.  I highly respect him and the game he plays.  He made a comment after the game that made me an even bigger fan of who he is. 10257279_10205697198806069_5640552356211197310_o 6.  Millions of people watch the big game, not for the football, but for the commercials.  I would have to say that this year’s batch was pretty underwhelming.  it didn’t help when they let people watch the commercials online weeks before the game.  STUPID!!  It took all the fun out of watching some of them.  A lot of people know that I’m a big softy.  When it comes to my boys, nothing stands in the way of my relationship with them.  So, the two or three commercials about Dad and his kids about tore me apart.  I don’t remember the last time a commercial made me tear up.  But, those weren’t my favorites.  My favorite was the Bud Light “human Pac Man” commercial.  I WOULD LOVE TO PLAY THAT. bc84937b-3dab-4a6b-a0a2-6c85a88e05bf_FlIKjUghXJQLIcOB_uv5nMk3GyLjLLlQk-gpkeKJgIk I am seriously hoping that this game becomes a reality, and maybe goes on tour in certain places where we can play it.  All of us who grew up with Pac Man would be in “video game heaven” playing this. 7.  Tattoos can be awesome.  They can also be devastating.  Take this guy, for example. 10420327_10205697214166453_4992711198082989512_n WHOOPSY DAISY.  It kind of looks like the 2015 is written in ink.  If not, it’s the “bonehead decision of the year” so far. And now with the Super Bowl over, I can go back to what I do best.  BASHING THE DALLAS COWBOYS!!! 10360192_10205689613776448_5257775366181837033_n 8.  And now onto some sad Hollywood news. **** Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s 21 year old daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown is currently fighting for her life.  She was found face down in her bathtub a couple of days ago.  If that sends shivers down your spine, it should.  It’s the same place that her Mom died.  Our best thoughts and prayers go out to her. ****You could see this coming a mile away.  The late great Robin Williams’s wife and children are fighting over his money and possessions.  It makes me sad to see the fighting and feuding after someone like Robin has spent his life working his tail off to take care of his family.  Hopefully something peaceful will happen.  I’m not holding my breath on that one. 9.  Is Bruce Jenner transforming into a woman?  We will find out shortly.  He apparently has a “tell all” interview coming up with Diane Sawyer.  There have been numerous pictures of him recently suggest that he might, indeed, be doing this. bruce-jenner_0 This is quite a shock for all of us that remember his “star days.”  I would imagine the women in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are probably crushed the most. reg_634_oly_jenner_mh_070612 Yep.  He was quite the “manly man.” 10.  JOKE OF THE DAY: Two drunks are walking along. One drunk says to the other, “What a beautiful night, look at the moon.” The other drunk stops and looks at his drunk friend. “You’re wrong, that’s not the moon, that’s the sun.” They began to argue when they come upon another drunk. They asked, “Sir, could you please help settle our argument? Tell us what that thing is up in the sky that’s shining. Is it the moon or the sun?” The third drunk looked at the sky and said, “Sorry, I don’t live around here.” HAVE A GREAT WEEK, MY FRIENDS! JAY DEAN




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Sadly, I think I can relate to this one.


This one should be obvious, but for some reason we need to still point it out!


I got a kick out of this one.


How about a little “holy humor?”


I feel for this next guy. I doubt I could keep my mouth shut.  Ha ha!


This next one made me giggle out loud!


2.  Time for a “name the Mother” segment.  This one is going to be incredibly easy!  Especially when Mama is standing right next to her!


This is Sophie Von HASELBERG, obviously the daughter of Bette Midler.  I guarantee you one thing.  Even if Bette hadn’t been in the picture, I STILL could have figured it out.  WOW!!



I was so sad for the Green Bay Packers and how they lost to the Seattle Seahawks.  It has to be very demoralizing to have that big of a lead, and basically have the game in check for three and a half quarters.  But, you have to finish it.  I bet the next time the Packers won’t take their foot off the gas.

Who am I picking?  Easy.  The New England Patriots.  I respect Tom Brady a lot.  Not a big fan of the team, but I’m CERTAINLY not rooting for Seattle.  For a couple of reasons.  First, I can’t stand Richard Sherman.  If you are good, and he is, you shouldn’t have to praise yourself.  Your work should speak for itself.  Secondly, I cannot take their head coach Pete Carroll.  I despise how he left USC in shambles and even hung Reggie Bush out to dry.  Poor Reggie has to give his Heisman Trophy back, while his coach leaps to the NFL totally unscathed.  I think that is despicable.  So, BRING IT ON, PATS!!!

4.  And, of course, it wouldn’t be New England without a scandal. And, it would be a scandal if we didn’t name it.  This one is called “INFLATEGATE”.  Apparently the NFL is investigating, and rumor has it has found proof that the footballs were underinflated during the Patriots romp over the Colts. 


Well, maybe not quite THAT BAD.  But, I did find a picture of the culprit.


5.  Speaking of sports, what the heck is wrong with my Minnesota Wild?  This team is loaded with talent, and can’t get their poop in a group.  They just put together a losing streak that has SERIOUSLY already hurt their playoff chances.



The “state of hockey” is in a “state of shambles.”  My idea on how to fix it?  Well, unfortunately it would mean a coaching change.  You can’t place all the blame on the coach, but obviously the players aren’t playing for him.  When you lose the locker room, it gets tough to win.  I’m not saying that he’s lost the locker room, but yet, changes need to be made.  If a few changes are made quickly, we can still salvage this season!

6.  One of the most brilliant people out there is Dan meth.  He is with “Buzzfeed”.  He recently did a segment on where the cast of “Scooby Doo” is at today.  GENIUS!!!


How about the leader, Fred?



Is Daphne still hot?



Let’s check in on the nerdy Velma. 




Shaggy was the stoner of the group.  He was wonderfully voiced by the late great Casey Kasem. 



Remember Scooby’s nephew Scrappy DOO?  He was always a troublemaker. 



And, finally, the star of the show, SCOOBY DOO!!!




Thanks again, Dan Meth at “BUZZFEED.”  GREAT WORK!!!


Thomas is 32 years old and he is still single. One day a friend asked, “Why aren’t you married? Can’t you find a woman who will be a good wife?” Thomas replied, “Actually, I’ve found many women I wanted to marry, but when I bring them home to meet my parents, my mother doesn’t like them.” His friend thinks for a moment and says, “I’ve got the perfect solution, just find a girl who’s just like your mother.” A few months later they meet again and his friend says, “Did you find the perfect girl? Did your mother like her?” With a frown on his face, Thomas answers, “Yes, I found the perfect girl. She was just like my mother. You were right, my mother liked her very much.” The friend said, “Then what’s the problem?” Thomas replied, “My father doesn’t like her.”





Here is a “serious” salute to Wednesday.  And, it’s true!!


And, of course, if you know me, I have to give you a silly one as well!


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Our weather is starting to warm up.  Thank goodness we don’t have this…..SO FAR!


Unfortunately, this next one can pretty much describe me.


This next one LITERALLY made me bust out laughing.


I am supposed to be watching what I eat….This one impacts me greatly!


I love this old lady!  I’m sorry, I mean “seasoned veteran.”


This is why we don’t have a pet.


And finally!!!


2.  In case you don’t live in this area, we had a very bad situation last week in Aberdeen.  A young lady was stabbed repeatedly and left for dead.  By the time she was found, she had lost a lot of blood, and was rushed to Sioux Falls.  This wonderful young lady lost her battle with the injuries and died a couple of days ago.  This story impacts me personally for a couple of reason.  Number one, this stuff just doesn’t happen in our city.  Rarely.  Secondly, this young lady was from my hometown of Langford, SD.  I went to school with her Mom, and her aunts and uncles, and I even graduated with one of her aunts.  You see this crap in the news all the time, but until it hits close to home, you don’t think about it.  I cannot imagine being my friends and having to say goodbye to your daughter, your sister, your niece, or so on.  This is a death that DID NOT have to happen.  Jessica, I hope that God is pouring out immeasurable blessings on you.  And, to the guy that did it, your time is coming, buddy.  You are damn lucky that a bunch of her family and friends didn’t find you before the cops did.

3.  A great actress turns 74 today.  Faye Dunaway has been in a lot of movies, but I haven’t heard much about her in recent years.  Faye appeared in such classics as “Bonnie And Clyde” with Warren Beatty.



She also appeared in the 70’s award winning movie “Network.”


Faye Dunaway is 74, and LOOKING GREAT!!



4.  We lost a celebrity the other day.  You probably won’t know his name, but you might remember his characters.  Actor Taylor Negron was only 57 when he died from liver cancer.  You might remember him as the pizza delivery guy in  “Fast Times At Ridgemont High.”  He delivered a pizza to Spicoli, played by Sean Penn.  It was right during Mr. Hand’s class. 


He also appeared in the movie “Punchline” and many other movies and TV roles.  Here is what he looked like in recent years. 


5.  Recently a Caribou Coffee came to Aberdeen.  I didn’t care, because I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my life…SERIOUSLY…NEVER!!!


The other day, my beautiful wife wanted to go there.  Being the good husband that I am, I said “yes.”  I was glad I did.  They had the most delicious  sausage, egg and cheese biscuit that I have tasted in recent memory.  They gained me as a customer.  For their breakfast, not their coffee.

6.  OKAY.  You didn’t really think that I would do this blog and not talk about the Dez Bryant “catch” debate from this past weekend, did you?  Let’s get it out there first.  Yes, the Dallas Cowboys are my most despised team in sports, and yes, Dez Bryant is one of my least favorite players in the NFL.  With that said, I DO NOT believe that it was a catch. 



If you go by the letter of the rule, he did not make the catch.  Calvin Johnson of the Lions got screwed by this rule a few years ago, and my own Redskin’s team got a touchdown reversed this season because of this rule. 

****Besides that, I thought it was great KARMA for this to happen to Dallas, after the horrible call against Detroit the week before while playing Dallas. 

7.  I saw something on Facebook that peaked my interest the other day.  But after checking into it, it looks like it was from 2013, and not now.  It said that NASA was paying people $18,000 dollars to stay in bed for 70 days.  SEVENTY DAYS.  Could you do it?  It sounds great when you are at work and tired and don’t want to be at your job.  But, I think that 70 days would probably end up being horrible.  I would think you would lose your muscle tone, and probably be more tired when you get done.  But then again, it’s $18,000 dollars for a little over two months of work.  I seriously doubt that I’ve ever made $9,000 dollars a month before.  SIGN ME UP….maybe…possibly….eh, probably not.

8.  I know you don’t want this image in your head, but I have to talk about when I was showering the other day.  YUCK, RIGHT?  Anyway, I have my I-POD blaring in my bathroom when I get ready.  One of the songs that played yesterday was Bobby Vinton’s “Mr. Lonely”.  I found myself singing out loud, and even playing it over again.  Then when I got upstairs, my wife told me that she really liked that song.  Yes, she can be getting ready and hear my music perfectly because of the loudness.  (Radio made me deaf, you know…ha ha)

So, I thought that we would feature Bobby Vinton today!  Bobby Vinton and Bobby Vee were my Mama’s two favorite singers while she was growing up.  I think she had crushes on both of them.  Bobby Vinton was one good looking man, if I do say so myself.



And, here’s my favorite album of all from Bobby Vinton.


Believe it or not, Bobby Vinton will turn 80 on April 16th.  EIGHTY.  That just doesn’t sound right.  Bobby is still performing in Branson, Missouri, and all over the country.  I had the pleasure of seeing him “live” in Branson a few years back.  I LOVED his show.  Here he is today, just short of birthday number 80.

Bobby Vinton Headlines the State Theatre Valentine's Day Concert



9.  And, now, sit back and enjoy some incredible music from Mr. Bobby Vinton!!

This first one is my favorite song by him.  “Please Love Me Forever.”

Here’s the beautiful ballad “Mr. Lonely.”

And, here’s one final song.  “Blue Velvet.”


A Pastor is walking down the street and he sees a man who apparently is down on his luck.  The man was unshaven, had torn clothes on, and looks like he was completely lost in the world.  The Pastor walked up to him and visited with him and finally asked him, “Do you know God? Do you know Jesus?”  The guy answered, “No, I’ve never been to church in my life.”  The Pastor asked the man if he would like to be baptized and the guy agreed.  So, the pastor takes the man down to the riverbank and they go about neck deep in water.  The Pastor grabs the man by the head and plunges him under water.  He pulls him up and says, “Have you found Jesus?”  The guy answers “No.”  So, he gets plunged down again, and the Pastor asks, “Have you found Jesus?”  The man again says “No.”  So, the Pastor sends him under water one more time.  He pulls him up and asks “have you found Jesus?”  The man, gasping for air says, “are you sure this is where he went under?”



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And now, the “feel good” story of the New Year.


These are some AWESOME parents!!


One more Christmas one for good measure.


Mama always told me that four letter words were bad.


And finally, a “knee slapper.”


2.  Most of you probably know that as a child, and sometimes as an adult, clowns terrify me.  And, when I was a child, Santa terrified me.  There is SO MUCH wrong with this picture!!


3.  With all the previews that I saw, how in the world did I not know that the movie “Into The Woods” was a MUSICAL?  SERIOUSLY?  My wife and I went to see it last night, and it started out with a bunch of music, and I looked at her and said, “What the heck?”  Not once did I see in a preview that it was a musical.  Anyway, not a horrible movie, but not a great one either.  Seemed to be about 45 minutes too long. But what a cast!!  My wife and I are huge Meryl Streep fans, and boy oh boy can she sing!!!



Do I recommend it?  No, unless you love musicals. 

4.  This just in….

Ndamukong Suh of the Detroit Lions is an IDIOT…..He stepped on Packer’s quarterback Aaron Rodgers ankle the other day, and then backed up and did it again!!

Suh was banned from playing in this weekends Detroit-Dallas playoff game, but fought it and WON.  He was given a $70,000 dollar fine and was awarded to play this weekend.  I can’t believe that.  he is a chronic troublemaker in the NFL. And they let him off.  Now, let me say this.  I want Detroit to kick Dallas’ butt this weekend, but Suh needs to be taught a lesson.  The scary part is, he’s a free agent after this year, and word is, my Redskins are going after him.  GREAT….He is an incredible player.  Just a dirt player.

****Did you hear his excuse for doing this?  he said that his feet were “frozen and numb” and he couldn’t feel that he was stepping on his ankle….REALLY?  You couldn’t tell that your heel rose about three inches in the air?  I throw the B.S. flag on this one.

5.  Some final NFL parting shots.

****My Washington Redskins are HORRIBLE!!  We have some major major work to do in the offseason.  I’m not sure that we can be fixed in a year.  Could be a long couple of years. 

****Johnny Manziel doesn’t get it.  He was apparently caught partying before their last game of the season, and his owner ripped him in the media.  Johnny said that he had some growing up to do.  Well, that lasted five minutes.  Word is, he was caught partying in Florida over New Year’s. 

****Word is that Jay Cutler may be gone from the Chicago Bears after this season.  Rumors are swirling that he may go to the Tennessee Titans, which is my son’s favorite team.  My son can’t decide if he’s excited or angry over this possibility. 

****The San Francisco 49’ERS front office needs their heads examined!   How could you let Jim Harbaugh go?  He had one season that he did not make the playoffs.  I would have been crazy happy and excited if he coached my Skins. 

6.  IT’S COLD!!!We have a north wind today that is bone chilling.  With that said, it’s that time of year to watch out for the animals. 


7.  We have a sad “tripleshot” of deaths to talk about. 

Most closely to me, Grand Ole Opry legend Little Jimmy Dickens died Friday at 94.  Jimmy was the last living link to my all time favorite singer, Hank Williams, SR. 



Jimmy was beloved by everyone that he met, including a man that calls him his “hero.”  Brad Paisley.



Jimmy was always known for his “cornball” comedy.  Which made us laugh each time we heard it, even if it was for the 20th time. 


8.  Jimmy Dickens was a great man.  I have a couple of personal memories of him.  I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert about 10 times, including the Grand Ole Opry appearances.  I helped bring him in to Lisbon, ND, and to Aberdeen, SD a few years back.  I had lunch with him at Kelsen’s Bold Venture in Lisbon.  I was his “backstage guest” about 6 times at the Grand Ole Opry.  I spent countless time with him in his dressing room backstage at the Opry.  Jimmy told me something one time that I will never forget.  While we were having lunch in Lisbon, I asked him a question. I said, “Jimmy, you’ve been recording since 1946.  Do you ever get tired of singing your songs?”  He looked at me and said, “Jay, do you have any children?”  And, I answered, “yes, two of them.”  He asked me, “do you ever get tired of them?”  And, of course, I said a resounding NO….Then he said these words.  “Jay, these songs are my children.  I will never get tired of them.  How can I get tired of something that has put meat and potatoes on my table for decades!”  GOD BLESS YOU, MR. DICKENS….You will be missed.

Let’s listen to a couple of his classics.

Here’s the great song, “May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose.”

And here’s “Out Behind The Barn.”

9.  “ELLY MAY” has died.  Actress Donna Douglas died at the age of 81.  She played the beauty on the long running TV show, “The Beverly Hillbillies.” 



She also appeared with Elvis Presley in the 1966 film, “Frankie And Johnny”.


With Donna Douglas’ passing, that leaves only Max Baer, JR. as the only living member of the show.  he is now 77 and is a gambling mogul in Vegas.

Donna Douglas and Max Baer, Jr.


10.  And last, but certainly not least, actor Edward Herrmann died a couple of days ago at the age of 71.  He is known for the “Gilmore Girls”, and for movies such as 1982’s “Annie”, 1987’S “The Lost Boys”, and dozens of others.


The 6 foot 5 actor died of brain cancer at the age of 71.


11. You never know what to believe anymore.  Now somebody is saying that a CASKET was found on Mars. 


Apparently one of our “rovers” found it.  I will believe it when I see it on the national news.


A highway patrolman pulled a car over on a local highway and walked up to find a few 80-90 year old ladies in the car.  The patrolman said, “Maam, I pulled you over because you were driving 35 MPH.  Why is that?”  The old lady said, “well, that’s because the speed limit sign said 35.”  The patrolman said, “no, that signs says HIGHWAY 35. ”  To which he said, “hey, the ladies in the back are white with fear and are trembling.  Why is that?”  The old lady replied, “We just got off HIGHWAY 110.” 







Your blog is sponsored by Pierson Ford in Aberdeen, SD.


We just want to take this time to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!  We hope that this time of year finds you happy, warm, and with family and friends.  Pierson Ford thanks you for your wonderful patronage, and we look forward to serving your needs into the future.  Again, Merry Christmas from your friends at Pierson Ford, in the auto plaza, Aberdeen, SD. 


One for you before I do my “Christmas” themed ones…..This one just made me laugh out loud!!


And, now on to some Christmas cheer!!

I’ll be this is one fun meeting.


This one makes good sense.


This next one I don’t find funny, because it’s one of my biggest frustrations of this season.  Ha Ha…


I have watched “Rudolph” dozens and dozens of times, but NEVER thought of this!!


AWW…What a cute baby picture!!


2. I am friends and a follower of many great country music singers the 70’s thru the 90’s on Facebook, and one of my absolute favorites is John Berry.


John Berry had many hits songs in the 90’s including “Your Love Amazes Me”, “Kiss Me In The Car”, What’s In It For Me” and many more.  John wrote on Facebook the other day and it cracked me up. Here is what he wrote.

“There is a first time for everything!!  The bus drove off and left me at the TRUCK STOP in VIRGINIA last night with NO PHONE!!  I borrowed a phone and called the driver to come and get me.  The bus was 20 miles down the road.  Apparently nobody missed me!!!”

Isn’t that hilarious?  I have heard many times of band members or roadies being left behind, but never the lead singer, or the star.  That makes for some great conversation on that bus, I’m sure!

I want to play a couple of songs by John Berry.  This first one is my absolute favorite of his.  “What’s In It For Me?”

And, John Berry does one of my favorite, if not my all time favorite version of “O Holy Night.”  Check out the vocals on this song.  It gives me goosebumps.

3.  Speaking of music, you probably remember that my wife and I along with six friends went to Moondance Jam in Walker, MN last year.


Well, it looks like this year it will be me and my two boys going!  I can’t wait for that!!  So far, they have announced two bands, and I’m looking forward to seeing both of them!



And, I’m REALLY excited to see the legendary Doobie Brothers!!!


This next year’s dates are July 15th thru the 18th.  Hope to see you there.  I will announce more bands as they are announced.

4.  This past Sunday night was the series finale of the HBO hit “The Newsroom” starring Jeff Daniels, Sam Waterston and many more.  Here’s my feelings.  It was one of the most boring series finales that I have ever seen.  My wife and I were pretty disappointed in how it ended.  They did lots of “clips” from previous shows, and that’s NOT what we wanted to see.  Anyway, this series is well worth buying the box sets if you want to watch it.  I’m sure HBO will show them again and again as well.  I’m sorry to see this excellent cast go bye bye.  Thank you “Newsroom” for bringing lots of joy and satisfaction into our living rooms.


5.  And, I have to mention my other favorite show right now, “American Horror Story-Freak Show.”  This show is WEIRD.  And it seems like it has the routine of one show being really good, and the next week’s show being fairly dismal.  There must only be a few left, so I’m intrigued by what’s going to happen.  One of my co-workers, Lee, watches it, and we rehash it every Thursday morning.



The only thing I am hoping for is that Jessica Lange’s character gets killed off soon…She is SO annoying!!

6.  One more TV note, and it is DISGUSTING.  Apparently some weirdo out there wants to put a big amount of cash up for “Mama June” from the Honey Booboo debacle, to make a “sex tape.”  Thankfully for ALL of us, she says she won’t do it.


Why in the world would ANYBODY watch that?  And certainly, why would they PAY to watch it?  I have said before that we make “celebrities” out of some of the most strange people in the world.  These two “five minutes in the sun” are over.  Please go away.

7.  I am not one of these people that HAS TO have a white Christmas.   I have spoken to many people who said “It’s not Christmas unless there’s snow on the ground.”  BAH HUMBUG…. I can celebrate Christmas just as easy without shoveling and sliding into the ditch. 

8.  I had really hoped that the loving feeling of the Christmas season would end the riots and protests around this country.  Apparently, I’m not hoping hard enough.  Sad….very sad…..

9.  We said goodbye to a couple of celebrities since we last talked.  Mary Ann Mobley died at the age of 77.  She was Miss America 1959.


She went on to star and co-star in many movies and TV shows, including “Girl Happy” with Elvis Presley.


She was married to Gary Collins.  He died in 2012 at the age of 74.


Here is a fairly recent picture of Mary Ann Mobley.  REST IN PEACE.


10.  Ken Weatherwax died.  Hmm..Don’t know the name?  Well, you will know him.  Ken played “Pugsley” on the hit TV show, “The Addams Family.” 


He died at the age of 59 due to a heart attack.



Little Susie, a six-year-old, complained, “Mother, I’ve got a stomach ache.” “That’s because your stomach is empty,” the mother replied. “You would feel better if you had something in it.” That afternoon, her father came complaining that he had a severe headache all day. Susie perked up, “That’s because it’s empty,” she said. “You’d feel better if you had something in it.”


A guy is going on an ocean cruise and he tells his doctor that he’s worried about getting seasick. The doctor suggests, ”Eat two pounds of stewed tomatoes before you leave the dock.” The guy replies, ”Will that keep me from getting sick, Doc?” The doctor says, ‘No, but it’ll look really pretty in the water.”

BLECK!!  Have a most awesome day today!!!