random thoughts for FRIDAY august 3rd, 2012


here come your friday funnies….

speaking of cats……

finally, a workout i can stand!!!

i love the next one…i actually had a day like this yesterday….

and because of my crappy day yesterday, the following one makes sense…..

2.  rumors are rampant that ANDY WILLIAMS is losing his battle with cancer, and is failing quickly…his management, however, denies that story….nowdays you don’t know who to believe, because usually the managers don’t tell the truth either….well, no matter what is the real story, we wish the absolute best to a music legend…….

here are a couple of younger day pictures of ANDY WILLIAMS…

mr. “MOON RIVER” is now 84 years old….here are a couple of pictures of ANDY WILLIAMS recently…..

i totally respect singers like ANDY WILLIAMS and TONY BENNETT who continue to sing in their mid 80’s…there’s no way in heck i’m working when i get in my  80’s…providing i’ve escaped death that long….by the way, today is TONY BENNETT’S birthday..he turns 86 today….HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY…..

3.  happy birthday wishes are in order for former “WKRP IN CINCINNATI” star LONI ANDERSON…she played the breathtaking secretary JENNIFER MARLOWE….she was also a sexy symbol back in the 70’s and 80’s…..

i know that i’ve mentioned this before, but the tv show “WKRP” is one of the main reasons i got into radio…..i loved JOHNNY FEVER…i have kind of developed my show after him…..here is the cast of the show with LONI ANDERSON…..

LONI ANDERSON will turn 67 this sunday…here she is recently…

4.  i was reading a story recently about a website that had listed the 25 worst tv shows in tv history……

one of the shows in the top ten was “PERFECT STRANGERS.”

the show starred BRONSON PINCHOT as “BALKI” and MARK LINN-BAKER as “LARRY.”  it was a goofy show, i didn’t mind it…don’t know if i would put it in the category of worst ever…

let’s see what the guys look like today….BRONSON PINCHOT is now 53 years old….

MARK LINN-BAKER is now 58….

by the way, in case you’re wondering which tv show that website chose as the worst tv show ever?  remember that show called “SMALL WONDER?”  it was about a robot maid…..it was voted number one….

5.  we have major viruses on our home computer that has really knocked it down…i have spent hours in the last two days trying to fix it, but, i couldn’t do it…so, i will call in the professional…my brother TREVOR…he’s a computer whiz…and he works cheap…ha ha….

anyway, i want to go on my soapbox…..i would like to find some of these absolute poopheads who intentionally develop viruses, and beat the living heck out of them…..i think that people that intentionally harm other peoples computer and take information from there, should spend many many years in prison…..it should be some kind of “assault” charge……like i said, i would love to meet a couple of these guys in a dark alley….i’m not a fighter, but i think i could be in this case….

6.  speaking of fighting, i have always been a “lover not a fighter.”  however, i always tell people that i really never learned how to fight until i got married…..i only use it to get a laugh….as far as you know…..

7.  FACEBOOK’S stock price took another hit after they admitted that over 83 million FACEBOOK accounts may not be legitimate, such as pages for people who don’t really exist…AND I’M FRIENDS WITH EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM….

8.  AAA released a list of the most common cruise ship mishaps…at number one is being rear-ended by LINDSAY LOHAN’S sailboat…

9.  seven women are suing the TORONTO police for $1.4 million dollars for allegedly profiling them as G20 protesters because of their physical features such as having hairly legs…turns out they were all just ROSIE O’DONNELL fans….

10.  ROBERT PATTINSON has reportedly moved in with REESE WITHERSPOON and her husband after his high profile breakup with KRISTEN STEWART after her affair…..REESE and ROBERT became friends on the set of their movie “WATER FOR ELEPHANTS,” which was perfect being ROBERT showed up with all his possessions crammed into his trunk….


A blonde comes home one day to find her husband enjoying intimacy with  another woman. “Billy, what are you doing?!” she cries. Billy looks at his lover and says, “See. I told you she was stupid.”
I bought my wife a mood ring the other day. When she’s in a good mood, it turns green. When she’s in a bad mood, it leaves a big red mark on my forehead!

One thought on “random thoughts for FRIDAY august 3rd, 2012

  1. OMG! First I have to say how much I love reading your blog…the posts, the jokes and the pictures of celebrities; before/after! The picture above with the woman wanting to trade in for new body, is one I made 3 days ago so,t’s really cool to see it on here 🙂 I make (meaning that I’m adding my captions/wording to random pictures I find on the web) 90% of the posts on my page and would love for you to stop by sometime and see more of what I have.

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